Beat Saber Tournament (2nd March 2019)

Cata is heckling me so here ya go:
I am participating in the Canadian Beat Saber Tournament for the Top 25 Players in Canada this weekend (March 2nd 2019), as I am ranked 14th in Canada.
It starts around 3:30pm PST

I will be streaming my inevitable demise (Going to get bodied super hard with no practice) here:

But if you want to watch the Tournament itself (With commentary and dual perspective) go here:

Bracket for the Tourny is here:


Your beat saber skills are crazy af!!! Good luck!!!

Good luck Red! You are awesome and I wish you the best luck :smiley: I will be cheering for you!

Good luck Red!!! :heart: So excited to watch!!

Alrighty @Redmagi, your stream is up on the main page of the website. Best of luck with the tournament!

Good luck Red

Won day 1 due to opponent tracking issues, moving on to day 2


Got Top 8. Considering I am ranked 14th, thats actually above expected. I’ll take it.
On an unrelated note does anyone have spare robot arms? Mine seem to have fallen off.