Big Announcement

We are super excited to be finally unveiling all of what we have been working on. Some of these changes came from feedback that we received, as well as from suggestions from the Tri and Board. We have been working hard to make this a great place for our members and implement improvements.


You no longer need to be registered with our forums to join our server via the old bot. You will need to follow the instructions and it should be as painless as possible to transition over into the new way we’ll be doing things.

We did a ‘CLEAN SLATE PROTOCOL’. Which means that all the member and gaming roles have all been removed from everyone. You will need to follow the instructions to regain the member status and the various gaming/server roles available to you, and the new settings of each role.

TWO STEPS - Click ‘I accept’, choose roles.

List of changes

  • ‘Evolved General’ Category changed to ‘Evolved Information’
  • ‘Welcome’ under ‘Evolved information’ changed read to learn more
  • All ‘Announcement Channels’ now known as ‘Information’ (Prefix still in front)
  • ‘Way off Topic’ moved to near top of server below ‘Evolved Information’
  • ‘Evolved Events’ below ‘Gaming’ Section and merged with ‘Get Together’
  • Created New Channel and combined ‘Feedback and FAQs’ together in ‘Evolved Information’
  • Some text channels got new names
  • Removed various unused Text and Voice channels

Still To Come

  • ‘WoW Alliance (Proudmoore)’ and ‘Horde (Area52)’ into ‘WoW Cross Faction’
    • This will get a major overhaul for 9.2.5


Forum registration is no longer required to join the Evolved Community or its guilds/games. New members will not need to register.

The forums are now visible to the public - which means our members do not have to log-in to view posts (and potential recruits have access to our info posts).

The option to ‘Log-in with Discord’ to Discourse (our forums) is now available. If you already have an account, you should log in with your account name and password. Navigate to your Profile page, then to your Preferences. Choose to add Discord as an Associated account and click Save. Once you’ve done this, you will be able to log-in to the forums with Discord. Only logged-in accounts will be able to post on the forums. All Officers and up will still be required to have forum accounts.


There are still a few other things that we are still working on, but we felt it was important to get these changes out as soon as possible. We are still working on the overall Evolved Charter, and are making progress. Other updates:

  • We updated the Casual Gaming Information and Guild Creation. Read to find out what we did.

  • We have removed Chapters and Chapter leaders
    – We felt that this was not giving enough assistance putting it all on one person. So we have removed this and we updated our Guild Creation which brings Chapters inline with Guilds.

  • Gaming Poll for how we create roles has been removed. We will just create roles as we see fit and if people are creating chatter / showing presence in gaming party channels, we will take action to make the channels.

We’re still working to improve. We hope you all enjoy these changes. We’re very excited to be making them.