Big thanks To

Tynkir, She was a great asset to helping get the PvE events going in full swing in regards to all her contest she did for us. You where such a huge help in also the creation of the class guide section of forums. You will be missed as the PvE events officer

Rummu and Weeman, The raid leader and the raid assistant. Thanks to both of you for getting the DotA raid team under way. You let them to great victory in the completion of Normal and heroic Uldir. Your hard work and cool calm positive leading made a great fit for what we wanted for a 3rd raid group within our WoW Alliance.

Thanks to all 3 of them. They are not quitting they are just stepping down as the officer positions they were all in.


Thanks you 3!

Thank you for the hard work!!!

Thanks Weeman, Rummu, and Tynkir!! You guys rock! Enjoy your time away from the crazy officer responsibilities! :stuck_out_tongue: