Call of Duty ID's

Call of Duty ID’s

Looking to play some Call of Duty within our community. See who else is playing and hook up with them by adding the battle id of the members that plays. Please also add your Battle ID here as well so others can add you.

Note: Can play across all platforms (PC and Console)

Please also do the following

  • Post your ID’s
    • Activision
    • Battle .net
    • Playstation Network
    • Xbox Live Gametag
  • Go to the Bot-Spam channel
    • Read the Pins for help.
  • Add the COD Role/Tag
    • So you can be @ Mentioned
  • Post in the gaming-chat to let other’s know your playing
    • Use the @ Mention “COD” to get the attention of others.

While gaming it would be great to see the discord voice channels filling up so make sure your connected using the channel that goes with the game other wise use once of the Gaming Party Channels.


Within COD:MW we have a regiment (Clan) set up. Please look for Community Evolved. In order to turn on our Regiment tag is EVLD please doing the following.

  • Go to Barracks
  • Identity
  • Hover over Custom Clan Tag
    • Press “R” to use Regiment Tag

Cataclysm#1912 (Battle ID)


Stalkerous #1787 (


PS4 but crossplay enabled.
1.04 KD
1.12 WL
34 yrs old, 3 kids, active
Gamer Tag: gutblaster07

Seabass#1210 (