Casual Gaming Information and Guild Creation

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Evolved Gaming is focused on building connections and friendships that grow not just in one game, but can evolve and span across many games and communities. Our players want more than just a bunch of random people to join them in games, but people who actually care and want to be there. We would love to have you be part of our community.

While we started off as a World of Warcraft guild in 2014, the community has flourished in many other games be it the other Massive Multiplayer Online, Shooters, Survival, Real-Time Strategy, Moba’s, Console or Tabletop, we are always open to introducing and supporting new games to the community.

Our Rules

We have a zero-tolerance for unfair play, all members must not use hacks, cheats or glitches. Visit our Evolved Charter for more info. While our age requirement is 18+ we do ask that all members are able to be sound and act mature.

Your Life

Life comes first, you play on the days your available and convenient for you (and not for us).

Evolved Gaming Information

Hello and welcome to the Evolved Gaming general information section. We are excited to announce that we are always looking for new members to stay engaged in the games they are currently playing even if it’s not one of Evolved’s listed games. Here is how you can start setting something up within our Evolved Community.

Casual Gaming General Information

Casual Gaming Explained

So you’re interested in playing a new game and want to see if others are interested in playing the same thing? Maybe a game is just coming out or an older game has piqued your interest. We are always looking to expand our gaming family and are open to the creation of all games. There are a few steps you can take to see if others are interested:

  • Post in the Discord #gaming-chat to let others know and get feedback
  • Scroll down the Member list (right sidebar) in Discord to see for yourself what others are playing

That’s it! You can potentially find others who like the same game that way, but maybe you’re looking for something a little more than just a few other players or trying to get a larger group going. Maybe you want an info section on the forums or channels in Discord for your game.

Read below to get started, and because we can never cover everything, feel free to contact a Tri / Board Member with any questions.

Promoting Your Game

We would love for everyone to promote the game they are building within our community. Promoting it means you might catch the attention of other members to join in the fun that you are experiencing. This is how we look at promoting casual games within our community.

  • Every Sunday Post your game info gaming-chat
  • Post a picture (if you want)
  • Brief description of game

In addition to all of this it would be great to stream the game you’re playing. This might bring some more attention to the game you’re playing. Check out the Streaming With Evolved! for how to stream using Twitch. Otherwise do the following to stream via discord

  • Bottom right click on little computer
  • What your streaming should be set to the game
  • Streaming channel is the channel you’re in
  • Click go Live

By doing all of this we are hoping that in times where members’ games are getting stale that they might pop into a casual game Evolved has to offer to play for a few days, or months or years to come.

Adding Voice/Text Channels

As we see more people using the gaming party voice channels, we may end up creating a voice channel for the game in question. As well as if chat for a game is clogging up the main gaming chat, a text channel may be created for the game as well. We do monitor this. So, make sure you are playing in a gaming party channel and promoting the game in gaming chat.

We do try and get a jump on new games coming out as we hear about them. So, feel free to help keep us up to date as well.

Removing Channels

The Tri / Board tries to keep Discord channels clear and cycles in voice channels that we think will be active from what we see along the membership listing along the right side of discord. To assist in promoting the game you enjoy please make sure your Game Activity option is turned on:

  • Click on Settings on Discord
  • Go to Game Activity
  • Turn on “Display currently running game as a status message”

These will be rotated as frequently as needed based on how we see the activity level is going. For the more stable games that people are active in they will be staying around a lot longer than others. So don’t be alarmed when you see channels coming and going…

Gaining Roles

Roles may be granted for games that we see a strong interest develop. If you feel a game you are promoting should have its own role, the following are indicators on how those may be granted:

Promoting via gaming chat when you’re playing and being active in a Gaming Party Channel.
We look for games with longevity. This prevents us from having channels that people never use/don’t use anymore.

Roles Removed

There will come a point where we won’t see any activity for roles going on. It happens, games die off or members stop playing them. Once a year we go through the roles and we remove them as we see no more activity. If interest grows back these roles can always return using the above steps.

Hmmm what goes here… what is going on…

Rules for Guild Creation

In order for a Guild to be created, a game must have a presence of 30+ members, 10 of which we would like to be new members to our community. Please visit our main Evolved Charter on the website and look for “Rules of Guild Creation”. Once requirements are met, the information will be presented to the Board of Directors for a vote.

If the vote passes, the Guild Leadership (Guild Leader, Executive Officer, and Recruitment Officer) must also be appointed and voted upon (they cannot be an officer elsewhere in Evolved to be eligible for this position).

Once the vote has passed to become an active Guild with Guild Leadership, the following will occur:

  • A main category will be given to the new guild game in the Evolved Community Forums.
  • Discord category will be moved in alphabetical order under the Evolved General section and will be given an announcement, screenshot, chat text, and officer text channel, as well as a lounge, 4 party, and an officer voice channel.
  • Will be given a recruitment template to tweak, in order to start the recruitment process that will need to be updated every 3-5 days. (Seek out the assistance of the Community Guides.)
  • A new Discord role, if it does not already exist, as well as an Officer role, will be created and granted, which will be added into the JedBot.
  • Given a Guild Leadership Tag which will gain you access to the Leadership Discord channel.
  • Permissions will be granted on the forums, granting access to the Leadership Forum sections.


The member must submit the following items to a Board Member or Triumvirate:

  • Name of platform and/or game
  • Name of member to be Guild Leader
  • Draft copy of charter for the Guild. This charter must incorporate the following, while adhering to the Evolved Charter:
    • Mission statement
    • Leadership structure
    • Rules for membership
  • Each Guild will have their own rules for its members to adhere to. Note: Basic layout of a Guild Charter will be provided.
  • Explanation of rank system to be used by the Guild. While the Guild Leader is given latitude to name and structure ranks as he or she sees fit, the following positions must be included in any such system:
    • Guild Leader (named in petition; there may only be one)
    • Executive Officer (appointed by the Guild Leader; must not be related to Guild Leader, including dating)
    • Recruiting Officer (appointed by the Guild Leader and agreed upon by their Executive Officer)

Guild Leadership Structural Overview

Guild Structure

The Evolved Charter takes a minimalist approach towards Guild structures and requires only that they be led by an elected leader called a Guild Leader. The Guild can be organized in various ways at the discretion of the Guild Leader as long as there is an Executive Officer and a Recruiting Officer in place. Guilds must document any existing or planned exemptions to the Guild Membership via their Guild’s charter in their sub-forum. Some suggested positions are documented below. Individual Guilds may or may not have unique rank structures, which will not be detailed in this document.

Guild Leader (Required for Guild)

Guild Leaders are responsible for the specific Guild that they oversee and coordinate. As a Guild Leader you will be working closely with the Board of Directors to make decisions that affect your Guild as a whole.

A Guild Leader must work closely with their Executive Officer to oversee all activity within his/her Guild, and to ensure that all members are playing in a professional manner that represents Evolved in a positive manner. Communication, ethical behavior, and decision-making are the most important qualities of Guild Leadership.

The Guild Leader decides what is appropriate and inappropriate and must remove and ban offenders when forum rules are broken. A Guild Leader must display sound judgment and decision-making in all aspects of his/her online interaction. As always, good communication is the key to success.

Executive Officer (Required for Guild)

The Executive Officer position comes with many responsibilities, such as being directly responsible for assisting with running their Guild. As an Executive Officer, they are a role model for all of the members in their Guild. By accepting the rank of Executive Officer, you are making a commitment to be a fair and responsible leader. This includes making yourself available several times a week to solve problems, hold meetings, and to support the membership.

The Executive Officer decides what is appropriate or inappropriate, decides what does or does not need to be removed, and warns offenders when the forum rules are broken. The Executive Officer is also required to maintain discipline within his/her Guild and report any infractions directly to the Guild Leader.

The Executive Officer must display sound judgment and decision-making in all aspects of his/her online interaction. As always, good communication is the key to success. The Executive Officer can override other officers’ decisions (except those of the Guild Leader) if deemed necessary.

Recruiting Officer (Required for Guild)

The Recruiting Officer is responsible for coordinating growth and recruitment efforts on behalf of their Guild. It is the Recruiting Officer’s responsibility to invite new members to the guild (with assistance from the other officers) and to instruct the new members on the rules and operation of the guild. The Recruiting Officer will follow up with new members as necessary.

The Recruiting Officer decides what is appropriate or inappropriate, decides what does or does not need to be removed, and warns offenders when the forum rules are broken. The Recruiting Officer is also required to maintain discipline within his/her Guild and report any infractions directly to the Guild Leader and Executive Officer. The Recruiting Officer can override other officers’ decisions (except those of the Guild leader and Executive Officer) if deemed necessary.


Officers are directly responsible for specific tasks within the guild itself and for miscellaneous duties as assigned by the Guild Leader and Executive Officer. Officers are appointed by the Guild Leader and Executive Officer.

The Officers decide which posts are inappropriate and need to be removed, and subsequently warn offenders when the forum rules are broken. The Officers are also required to maintain discipline within their Guild and report any infractions directly to the Guild Leader and Executive Officer. The Guild Leader and Executive Officer can override the officer’s decisions if deemed necessary.