Changes to raiding until next raid tier

We are very pleased with how the raiding went for Uldir for the current raid tier. There is always ups and downs to every part of raiding. When raiding with 3 groups it can be very trouble sum for the raid leaders and raid assist as well as when making the raid groups or reshuffling. Its not a easy task to do. All of last xpack i took it upon my self to do it my self. Looking at logs through DPS…Healing… Absences to make the 2 groups we had then equal.

Im very pleased with how the Officers handled them selves as well as how you all handled your selves. We as a community always have to come together and think of the betterment of the guild for all of our members not just the good…the bad… and the not so range 5. Helping each other out is our main goal here. We dont like removing raiders. We dont like getting upset when things are going wrong. We dont want any one to have any hurt feelings. so please if your feeling upset come and chat with us. if your really happy about our raiding come and let us know.

We are now looking at doing the following changes towards our raiding for all 3 groups.

We are not going to be focusing on Ghuun any more. This boss for all groups has been very difficult to do with over 120 wipes plus across all of our raid groups. With very little gain for items off the boss. Yes we do realize that “AOTC” is still there. and yes from time to time we will still be attempting Ghuun because it does have mechanical features that are still good to learn for all of our raiders. But the time it takes to down this boss we want to refocus on something new and fresh.

We are still going to be going in and completing 7/8 heroic bosses. Then we will turn our focus onto mythic raiding. The only problem with this is that we can only take 20 people in and we will have to leave some people out. It sucks leaving people out but its something we are looking at trying. Mythic is a different kinda beast and will require all of you to be on the top of your game.

We will also be cycling raiders out for the first boss kill and so on as we start to down bosses within the mythic content. There will also be times where we wont have enough raiders to fill all 3 groups and we will attempt at maybe doing some attempts on Heroic Ghuun at this point.

No method we do will ever be perfect but we are doing our best to keep you all some what happy.

If anyone has any questions or comments please feel free to post or contact an officer.

Thanks everyone and have a great day.

Quote from swim off discord

I know there may be some that don’t wish to do Mythic raid progression but it seems that the majority of us have expressed interest in it. Remember, if you aren’t having fun then it’s not a game anymore. Mint also goes after those raid achievements as well but he’ll have to elaborate on when/if he does those raids.

On the nights that we don’t have enough for mythic raid and/or we have cleared Heroic Uldir, the possibility of alt Heroic becomes a posibility as well. Overall, we believe that Mythic Uldir will give us to progress toward as we have a while for the next raid tier to drop.