Classic-A HiSugar Registration

Having difficulty with registering my wife onto the site so she can join the Classic-A group. A little background…

Registered her earlier today on website, however GoDaddy decided to go from webmail to office 365 and my catchall set up went bad. She never got the confirmation email. That was corrected, however the original registration went nowhere. One of the officers was also kind enough to delete the original registration.

Went to re-register, this time the email didn’t come. I checked the spam. I double checked her email works. Thinking the first attempt may have prevented the registration confirmation from coming?

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

We are looking into it.

Hi there, sorry it took so long, I was at work when this went down so slipped my mind.

If you want to message me privately or on Discord (Isilaura#5123) or on Bnet (Isilou#1142) we can see if we can work out what is going on. All I show is that the email sent to her account bounced. So I’ll confirm her email address with you, but would rather do that in a private chat.

Thanks, and sorry again.

We’ve tried three times, just going to do it with a different email.

Could someone delete HiSugar one more time and we will set up with a different email?


We have completed your request