Classic Alliance Raid Meeting 6/5/21

Meeting Introductions - Cata

First off this channel is what discord calls a staging voice channel. How it works is that the Classic-A Officers are able to speak when they need to but be in the audience just like you. You can chat in the Classic-A-Chat channel but will need to click on this channel in order to see whos talking as well as raise your hand in order to ask questions. This means that we will give you permissions to voice chat. Please save all questions to the end.

Well my fine friends of Classic Alliance. We are getting to that point where our members are getting to level 70. People are starting to get attuned and grouping up to start getting there Pre Bis. So that means #soon things are starting to happen. For those that don’t know Jed is our Raid Leader and Burden and Nef are the raid assists. So for the most part these 3 are in charge of the raiding scene here in the Classic - A side of things. So please at any time direct the raiding questions towards them.

This meeting is going to cover a lot so make sure you are paying attention and if need be re read the notes afterwards so that you are fully understanding how things are going to happen in terms of raiding. Notes will be posted and archived after.

Now… Mister Jed is going to walk you through the raiding meeting.

Raiding - Jed

We know most of you are very excited to get into raiding with us in TBC. With that, we want to highlight some rules, set some expectations, and answer some questions you might have regarding raiding with Evolved Classic.

Raider role(s), how to apply and more

As we proceed in this meeting, you’ll hear us using keywords such as “full time raiders” and “popup raiders.” Let’s quickly go over what this means.

A FULL TIME RAIDER is someone who commits to raiding full time with our guild on our scheduled raid nights every week. These members will receive the “Raider” rank in the guild. Members are expected to fully read and agree to our raid rules and etiquette before applying for the Raider rank.

A POPUP RAIDER is someone who either cannot, or chooses not to commit to raiding full time with our guild. For these members, no raider application is required. All members are welcome to signup for any popup raids we post, but it is expected that these members have read and fully understand our raid rules and etiquette.

Signing up to full time raid

Next weekend, full time raiding signups will be opened. BEFORE SIGNING UP TO FULL TIME RAID, YOU MUST FINISH YOUR KARAZHAN ATTUNEMENT. We will not promote members to Raider rank in the guild with this attunement incomplete. Karazhan is the main raid of Phase 1, how do you plan on full time raiding if you don’t have this done? One of our required addons for raiding is called Attune. This addon will track all of your attunements, and share your progress with the guild. This helps not only you track your personal attunements, but it helps us to know where everyone is in terms of getting their attunements done. We will do an @ everyone ping in discord, and announce in the GMOTD when raid signups are available.

Attune Addon at CurseForge

In order to sign up for our full time roster, you must head to the Classic-A Raiding Information post, read all the rules carefully, and reply to the post with your signup, following the instructions in the Raid Roster Groups and Signups section.

Only one (1) character per member will be afforded the full time raider rank, and you’ll be expected to raid on this character exclusively for full time raid nights. Refer to the raid rules on the forums for more info on this and how to swap your main character if you choose to do so. For popup raids, you may bring any character, assuming they meet the raid requirements.

Raid Requirements

The following raid requirements apply to both full time raids and popup raids:

  • Fully Gemmed/Enchanted
  • Pre-bis gear at a minimum
  • Bring all appropriate consumables (flasks, food, elixirs, etc) based on your class/spec

Before signing up, if you are a member of one of our retail guilds, please listen closely and understand the following.

Raiding within Evolved - Nef

Evolved is a multi-gaming community. As such, we encourage folks to enjoy various games and guilds within Evolved. That said, each member of Evolved must designate a Primary game (IE. Classic World of Warcraft Alliance (Pagle), etc). It is the expectation that the member will spend a majority of their time in their primary game and if they desire to raid, will attend raids in accordance with their primary Guild’s raid rules.

These rules are in place to ensure that those in their main game get the full benefit of raiding. If a player desires to raid with more than one Evolved Guild, it must not be to the detriment of a player’s primary Guild. If raiding with a secondary Evolved Guild, loot and raid slots will be ceded to primary members over secondary members.

What this essentially means is that if you’re planning to raid with us here in TBC, but you’re also committed to raiding with one of the other Evolved guilds, there may be issues.

If you’re playing the Alliance retail guild, our raid nights conflict with theirs, so if you’re on their raid roster and try to sign up for our full time roster, you WILL be rejected. If you’re a casual member over there and don’t raid with them, it’s totally fine to raid with us here. It becomes an issue when you’re on two raid rosters and calling out of one to raid with the other.

For WoW-H members, this is a bit different. Our raid nights do not conflict with theirs, so WoW-H full time raiders will be welcome to sign up here. But be warned, it is extremely easy to get burned out playing multiple MMOs, and if you start to consistently call out of one or the other guild’s raids you will be asked to declare a main game and only raid full time with that guild.

Also, if you are a retail player taking a break from Shadowlands, but plan to return to full time raiding over there in 9.1, we would highly recommend sticking to pop-up raids. We know there are several people looking to get Karazhan done and switch back to retail. You’ll get to do that in pop-up raids. It’s easier for all of us if you don’t take up a full time raid slot if you plan to leave in a month or two.

These rules aren’t set to punish you. These rules are set to the benefit of all of our guilds collectively as a community. As you know with TBC we don’t have flex raids. If you’re on a roster and you call out, we HAVE to find a replacement for you. If we can’t, the whole raid suffers. If you’re in a key role in a retail guild (tank/healer) and you call out of their raids because you’re burned out playing too much classic…they suffer too. We don’t want to have to police this, so please be mindful of how much time you’re able to commit before signing up.

Raid Schedule - Jed

For our full time raiding, we will have raid nights on FRIDAY and SATURDAY evenings from 8:30 PM ET to 11:00 PM ET. This is the same as server time. Full time raiding is set to begin the week after signups are posted, assuming we have enough people attuned/signed up.

Full time Raiding Roster

For Phase 1 only, we will not have set “raid teams.” Since we only have Kara (10man) Gruul/Mag (25man), we will simply build a number of teams based on signups for the week. The reason for this is we expect a lot of fluctuation in raider signups, attendance and callouts as we progress through phase 1. This means some weeks we might have 3 10mans for Kara, other weeks we might have 4 or 5. We want to be as flexible as possible to accommodate all raiders. As we move into SSC and TK in phase 2 and beyond, we will build structured 25man raid groups to tackle these raids.

Full time Raid signups (Raidbot)

We have a #classic-a-raid-bot channel in discord that will be used for all individual raid signups, fulltime and popup. To use this bot, all you have to do is go to that channel, find the raid you want to sign up for, click the emoji for your class, and check your DMs for a message from the bot to select your spec. Once you respond to the bot’s DM, go back to the signup post in the bot channel and verify your name was added. If it was not added immediately, try repeating the process. If still having issues, reach out to an officer for assistance.

This bot also gives us an easy way to track attendance, as there are “Late” “Tentative” and “Absent” reactions you can select on the bot if these may apply to you for the specific raid.

Signups for full time raids will be posted to the raid-bot channel on Sundays for the following week. If by Thursday night we don’t have enough full time raiders signed up to fill groups, we will @ mention Classic-A and open signups to popup raiders.

Obviously we can’t “lock” the bot signups to only allow full time raiders to click the emojis, so as a full time raider you might be concerned about having a spot if you see popup raiders on the list. Rest assured, for all Fri/Sat raids, full time raiders absolutely have priority spots over popup raiders. Popup raiders are only considered if we have extra spots we need to fill.

Popup Raid Signups

Popup raids may take place on various days of the week. These raids will usually be scheduled at the same TIME as full time raids, just on other days. Signups for these raids are open to all members who are attuned, properly geared, gemmed/enchanted, etc. You can expect 3-4 days advance notice of popup raids, to give ample time to sign up, prepare and plan ahead. These raids will use the same raid-bot channel for signups. Based on the number of people who sign up, we may run multiple groups. We may also have to sit people if we don’t have enough signups to fill an extra group.

There is no priority system for these raids, so I will set rosters based on the order in which people have signed up, assuming a proper composition. On that last point, an example would be say 20 people sign up for a Karazhan popup raid, but only have 2 tanks and 2 healers signed up. I can’t put two groups together if that’s the case, so only 1 group would be formed and dps would be selected in the order they signed up.

Attendance - Burden

First and foremost, real life comes first. We completely understand if you will have to miss some raid nights because of IRL commitments or emergencies. If able, please let us know as far in advance as possible if you will miss a raid (use the raid-bot reaction or contact an officer) so we can look for a replacement.

With that said, if you have committed to full time raiding with us and you are consistently calling out for one reason or another, we may contact you to find out what’s going on, and if full time raiding is something you’re suited for or not. We will remove raiders from full time raid rosters on a case by case basis if we deem it necessary.

Which raids are we doing? - Burden

The main focus early on will be Karazhan. We think early on it may take us both Friday and Saturday to complete this raid, so for full time raiding, this is what we will start with. Once we’re comfortably clearing Kara in 1 night, we can start doing Friday: Kara and Saturday: Gruul/Mag. Note that it will be hard for us to manage this early on, as we’ll have multiple Kara groups that have to merge into Gruul/Mag groups, and some Kara groups might finish Friday while others require some time Saturday to finish… it’s gonna be really really difficult, but we’re going to do our best to get everyone into every raid. Please just bear with us early on.

Popup raids will be split between Mag/Gruul and Kara. We’ll be playing it by ear each week to figure out which raid(s) are appropriate for popups, and how many people will be able to sign up.

Loot System - Jed

Soft Reserve +1

Our guild will be using a soft reserve system for loot, both in popup raids and full time raids. If you raided ZG with us the past couple weeks, you already know how this works. Soft Reserve means you get to select 1 piece of loot that drops from the raid as your “reserve.” This gives you priority over everyone else on that item, however anyone else can select the same item as their reserve, too. If a reserved item drops, it will be rolled off only between those who reserved it. If you’re the only person who reserved it, it’s yours! For any non-reserved loot, items will be rolled off MS > OS. To set soft reserves, we use the website, which has integration with the raid-bot. You’ll find the link in the raid-bot channel for the raid you want to sign up for. You’ll go to that link, input your character, class, and which item you want to reserve. That’s it! Soft reserves will be locked at the raid start time.

What’s this “+1 thing?”

For all non-SRd items, we want to avoid having one person with really lucky rolls run away with all the loot. When you win an item for MS, you will be marked with a “+1” which essentially means you’ve already won an item and lose priority on subsequent drops. SR>MS>+1>OS is the priority. So an example of this would be: You won an item already. You are a “+1.” An item drops, you roll on it, but so does Tommy. Tommy hasn’t won an item yet. Tommy will get this item and then a “+1” next to his name. Well, fast forward to next boss. An item drops. You and Tommy both want it, and you both roll. Since both of you are +1, either of you can win this item. But if Jimmy rolls and he’s not a +1 yet, he will get it over both of you. If an item drops and you’re a “+1” but you’re the only person who wants it, you still win it.

Loot Priority

Not all items are created equally. Some items may be beneficial to multiple classes and roles, but are clearly intended for a specific role more than others. For example, items that have “150 bonus healing and 35 bonus spell damage” may be useful to a caster dps for the 35 spell damage, but this is primarily a healer item, and it will be prioritized as such. If no healers need this item, it can go to a caster. It’s impossible for us to track and put a list together of which items are prioritized to which roles/classes/specs, so unfortunately this will have to be something we police on an item by item basis during raids.

Additional Thoughts / Considerations - Nef

A couple weeks ago we put out a survey asking people which classes/specs/roles they intended on playing, and whether they plan on full time raiding or not. We gathered a ton of great information from this. Based on results, there are a few things we want to address.


Of over 50 full time raider responses, we had 7 tanks, 13 healers, and 37 dps responders. If we split 50/50 and made 2 25 man groups from this, that’s almost a perfect mix. However, for Karazhan, assuming all 50+ of these responders do sign up to raid, we’ll need a few more people who can tank to make these raids work. So if you’re currently playing a class that has a tank spec, if you’re willing to tank Kara for us please mention that when you sign up for full time raiding. In terms of healers and dps, we have a near perfect amount.

Raid officers

As you know, we have Jedediah, Burden, and Nefarious as raid officers. If we have 4-5 Kara groups running, we’ll need more people who can comfortably lead these raids. If that sounds like something you’re interested in doing, please reach out to us.

Planning a popup raid?

Some members have already expressed interest in leading raids on off nights. If this is something you want to do, we can help by posting your raid as a popup raid for guildies to sign up for. Get in contact with an officer and we can assist.

Don’t Rush - Jed

If you’re like us, you’ve quickly realized that leveling is a lot slower than you thought it was going to be. I personally assumed that by now I’d be Kara attuned and spamming heroics. I’m still not even 70. I want to express that you do NOT need to rush to get to 70 and get signed up to raid. Just because we’re opening signups next week does not mean that’s a hard deadline to be raid ready. You are free to sign up to raid at ANY time during once they are opened, and you will be put on a roster. Tier 4 is going to be out for MONTHS. You aren’t missing anything if you take an extra week to level. Don’t burn yourself out getting to 70. Obviously I’m not following my own advice with how hard I’m pushing, but you should consider it.

Q&A - Jed/Burden/Nef

Closing - Cata

Well i know its a lot to take in. But we have to give as much information as possible so that everything is covered from head to toe when it comes to raiding. Remember that if you have any questions please seek out the Jed, Burden or Nef. You may also contact other officers as well but we will just be telling you to go read the forums. Information is always in the Announcements, Pins or as a @ mention. Which always usually links back to forums. Best of luck for when it comes to raiding. We are all excited to crush some content.