Classic Horde Guild Meeting Notes 10/27

For those of you that could not make it to the Classic Horde guild meeting on 10/27 here are the main points that were discussed.

  1. We have been unlucky with the timing of people getting to 60 at different times causing people to leave due to their not being a lot of dungeon groups forming. Recruitment will need to be picked back up to get more people into the guild. Myself and others will be helping get this done.

  2. There was a good core group of people in the Classic guild that had come from other games within Evolved community. Many of those people have gone back to their respective games and are now playing Classic WoW casually (myself included).

  3. Weeman will be stepping down as guild leader in hopes that someone that will give Classic WoW more focus and attention will take the reigns and help it thrive. Jed has expressed interest and at this time it is planned that he will take over.

  4. The guild will not be going anywhere, you will just see a change in leadership.

  5. Flap and Jed mentioned there was another guild we could partner up with for end game raids. This guild agreed to work with Evolved members in getting them included in their raids. See Jed or Flap for questions.

That was basically the TLDR of what was discussed in the meeting. I just want to say that this has been a fun endeavor and I enjoyed reliving my past. It was great seeing new faces and working together helping people with quests, running dungeons together and all the other fun stuff we did along the way. As I mentioned, the guild or I will not be going anywhere. I will still be casually playing Classic WoW and you can always find me in the retail WoW guilds or floating around playing some game within the community. Thank you to all of you for making this a positive experience and Jed will do a great job and I will be here to help when needed. Any questions please let me know.