Coming back from a break, ready to fight!

Hii! I’m Springdance and I’m a longtime player. Took a little break from the drop of BFA till now to try out FFXIV and fix up my house, but now I’m back and ready to clean up some old god messes and shadowlands stuff!

I’ve been playing Resto druid for about 14 years now, with some beartanking in between, and I’d love to heal you all through anything! I have tons of raiding experience at all levels, but I’m still dipping my toes into Mythic+, that timer sure does make me anxious! I’d love to learn to get better about it though! :slight_smile:

Edit: I probably should add my Btag, oopse!
Discord: Springdance#9703

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Hop on discord and start getting into some fun with the rest of us :slight_smile: