Community Poll - 2023 Get Together

We are very excited that we will be getting our Get Together started back up for the 2023 year. Below is a list of places we feel that might peak your interest to meet members from around the community. When we did this back in 2019 this was such an amazing thing to do. Being able to hang out IRL with the people you meet in game was so amazing. We had such a crazy good time.

I hope you all get to experience it. We would love to get the most amount of members in one place. So please pick what 2 places/times work the best for you.

  • Houston (Galveston) - Feb / Mar
  • Houston (Galveston) - Oct / Nov
  • Vegas - Spring
  • Vegas - Fall / Winter
  • Florida Orlando - Spring
  • Florida Orlando - Fall
  • New Orleans - Feb / Mar
  • New Orleans - Oct

0 voters

I’m a dumb-dumb and voted for Orlando Fall but actually I can’t do any fall times cuz I’m supposed to be getting married then XD so pls remove one (1) vote from that category.

me and Graveyard_Saint voted for Florda Fall, but can make it to any time Vegas as well