Dec 2018 Meeting Notes

Would like to point out that all of you have been doing a great freaking job with coming together as a community to help make our WoW Alliance guild a great place to be. I know at some times everything can feel stressed but remember we are always here to assist you though any hard times you might be having… In game or out of game. Keep up all the good work you all do. Remember to group up and play with each other and assist others if there struggling.

8.1 is just around the corner and even though its not bringing the new raid (Not until the new year) we will have some new class changes and some new content? so make sure your staying up to date on any new info and share with the rest of us all

i dont know if you all saw or heard but Tynkir, Rummu and Weeman have all stepped down from there officer positions within WoW Alliance. They did a great job.

It’s a bit late, but this is our first official Alliance meeting since the transition. Thanks to everyone that stuck with us through the switch, and thank you to everyone that continues to support our community. I keep playing b/c I love WoW and b/c I love my gaming family. We might be stuck in Legion 2.0 together, but I’m having so much fun trying out areas of the game I’ve never touched before. I wouldn’t be dipping my toes into arenas or bgs w/o the friends I’ve made in this guild.

Weeman, Rummu, Tynk - Thank you for all you did as part of WoW-A, we really appreciated all the hard work you put into this place. And welcome to the team Coxworth and Matsi, thank you for stepping up when it was asked of you.

If anyone at anytime has any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to send me a message. I can be reached through PM via the forums or on Discord. The response may not be immediate, but I’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as possible. And for real, if you have a concern, share it. We can’t address issues if we don’t know they exist.

There have been some updates to the website homepage, we hope you’ll check it out. We also added a PayPal button at the bottom for those of you who have been asking how to help support the community. We will have more updates on how to be involved in the upcoming Open Board Meeting (probably after Christmas/New Year’s) when we discuss more about our EoN (Evolved Outreach Network) and updates on the Community Newsletter. If you have anything you want to contribute, please PM Skye. She’d love to hear from you.

I just want to start off saying Welcome to Evolved to all the new members who have joined us! It has been great seeing new people join our community and I am excited to see where we go next.

Please try and occasionally check out the Evolved recruitment posts on both the Proudmoore forums as well as the WoW General forums. The links to both are in the WoW-A announcement section of Discord. It would be a huge help because with the new WoW forum change, it is no longer possible for 1 person to keep the thread alive and going. If you could occasionally just post what you like about the guild, or something as simple as great raid, awesome pvp night, anything that helps keep our recruitment thread towards the top benefits us all.

I think most of you have already done it, but if you haven’t try and get registered on our forums at As well if you could check to make sure your note in the guild roster matches with your Discord/Forum name that would be awesome. And if one of your characters is missing a guild note, whisper an officer so we can get it added. We have a few people missing guild note info.

And finally, just a friendly reminder that we kick inactive characters after 3 months. If you haven’t logged in to your alts in a bit, please do so they don’t risk getting accidentally purged. If you do get kicked, just whisper an officer and we can get you back in to the guild.

BFA has been great for our Guild in terms of PvP!

For the first time ever, we have been hosting weekly pvp events, and combine that with daily arena runs for guildies, this is the most we have pvp’d as a guild (under the 5 years we’ve been together as a guild). Thank you so much for giving it a try and sticking with it. Special thanks to Mat, Avast,i Jed, and Swim for helping not only run events, but in assisting others get into pvp.

As for new; Seaon 2 will begin Jan 22nd, that means season 1 will end sometime before that so if you still want to work on your hippo mount, or want some of the season 1 titles and x-mog we can still get it for you. As long as you’re lvl 120 and willing to learn, we have a spot in arena for you!

Please contact me at any time with Questions!

Thanks again for a great season 1 of BFA pvp!

I wouldn’t mind gathering some suggestions to fill the nights with events. We have 2 open days and I believe one of those will be RBG day in the future. It’d be pretty cool to set up Monday or Thursday for member night. Have some events that people vote in and we do that or something like that.

We’re heading towards Christmas time of the year here in the states and many people are spending time with their family. While others spend time off enjoying sitting in front of the computer screen raiding. For those in Canada, I don’t know what you do this time of the year. Do you even have Christmas?

Anyways, enjoy the holidays, post on the forums to let us know if you are spending time with your family instead of spending it with your other (online) family.

Las Vegas Meetup - Julie

Hope everyone is ready for the meetup! It starts Thursday, May 30 and lasts until Monday, June 3, 2019 in beautiful Las Vegas.
Our primary hangout/meetup location is going to be a property a few miles from the strip with 2 houses on location. One house has 6 bedrooms, the other has 4 bedrooms. We also have a couple of couches and places where one could easily put up an air mattress with some expectation of privacy. There is a really nice pool area on the location where anyone from the meetup is welcome to come hang out and swim. There is also a game room, at least 1 formal dining area, and plenty of space for us to have more than just those staying in the Lodge to hang out. A link to the property can be found in the Evolved Meetup 2019 Info Thread on our forums, and a link to that thread can be found in the #2019-get-together text channel in Discord.

During the day, the Main Lodge exists as a nice place to visit, play board games, takeoff in carpools for visiting attractions around the area, have a cookout, and more. When night falls at the Main Lodge, you can expect some drinking, maybe a LAN party, definitely some partying in a more adult setting. Julie is encouraging everyone to bring board games, booze, and snacks. Julie will also be bringing some cigars for anyone interested in that sort of thing.

Those who completed the survey Julie held a month or so ago and opted for the Main Lodge will have first pick on the bedrooms. Julie will be providing those people with her email address for PayPal so they can send her their portion of the hotel bill. If you no longer wish to stay in the Main Lodge, please let Julie know so she can get someone else in.
Due to the fact that we have limited rooms, and others will already have their sleeping arrangements laid out, Julie is asking those in the Main Lodge to pay for the 4 nights of the meetup, even if they will not be present all 4 nights. Julie said she realizes this is going to be off-putting to some, but the full price of the Main Lodge, for this time period, is nearly $5000 total. Jack and Julie will be paying 25% of that so we can have a nice, but affordable place for everyone else. Pricing ranges from $40-$125/night for double beds and details can be found in the #2019-get-together text channel in Discord. Payment must be received by February 1st, 2019 to secure your spot in the Main Lodge property. Please let Julie know if you have any questions or concerns.

We have a loose itinerary planned and Julie will soon be coming out with a calendar of events that will be made available in the Discord. Basically, you can pick and choose what you do on this trip. We should make time for a guild meeting that everyone attends, as well as at least 1 BBQ picnic for everybody. Please feel free to toss ideas Julie’s way.

If you plan on attending the picnic, even if it’s not to stay in the Main Lodge, please let Julie know so she has an accurate headcount for reservations and picnics.
I made it all Julie and she and her so it wouldn’t be so awkward for you

Swim Part 1
Now that we have like 90 people raiding, I would like to get feedback from people to see if other raid times would work. I’m changing job locations in March 2019 which is a way out and I’m not sure if I’ll make the 6 pm ST start time during the weekdays due to the commute. I know a few others can’t make all the current raid times as well due to work conflicts.

Raid Changes
There will come a time when content is starting to get boring. We want to keep all of our members engaged in some way shape or forum. Alt raiders (Heroic only) and Mythic content raiding might assist with this between raiding content. So we are looking at doing the following to assist with that lack luster content bug.

Start of new raid tier
We will keep trying to run our 3 groups, our groups will be starting off in normal content and then will enter into heroic content at the raid leaders discretion.

Balancing (Heroic Content Only)
We wont be balancing any raid teams until such times as all of the raid leaders have given it a fair shot to challenge there groups to get the mechanics of a fight down. If and when there struggling then we will look at balancing groups but in a smaller way and not a big shuffle.

Switch focus
Once all groups have completed heroic content and the raid leaders feel that the guild is ready we will be turning our attention to 2 groups doing heroic (3 Nights) and 1 group attempting Heroic (Tuesday) and Mythic (Friday/Saturday). We do realize that not everyone wants to attempt mythic content thats why we are going this route.

If Mythic Group does not have enough to field a raid for heroic Tuesday they can Merge with other groups or gain enough from the other groups to proceed. If the Mythic group does not have enough raiders for mythic content on Friday / Saturday and other raiders from the 2 other groups wish to assist they may choose to do so, other wise the mythic group can merge into the other 2 groups to assist with there completion of heroic content.

Mythic Content
A higher commitment is required for the Mythic difficulty. Although we understand that everyone has real life commitments as well, it is easier and more fair to everyone to have a more consistent roster for mythic difficulty. A successful mythic raid can be achieved by members willing to improve on individual and group weaknesses.

Alt Raider (Heroic Content only)
There will come a time where you as a raider will become bored with raiding on your main toon and we as a guild want to keep you all engaged. If your Alt Raider can perform an reasonable amount of DPS, Heal and/or tanking ability then you may bring your alt raider. Under the condition that if we are having difficulties downing a boss you will be asked to go back on your main regardless of your DPS, Heal and/or tanking ability so that we can ensure main raiders get a fair shot at gaining loot.

The Alt raider will NOT be afforded any loot off unwanted gear unless no other main raider toon needs the item in question.

Note: Raid Leader has the right to refuse you from bringing an alt if it is detrimental to the raids progression by your abusing by gearing up multiple Alts.

(Ex. Healer or Tank switching to DPS with no replacement of Healer or Tank)

Swim Part 2
As we are discussing, I think having 1 mythic raid team to start will be sufficient and I can lead it (unless another officer wants to). That being said, over the next few months we’ll be taking note of who wants to be on that roster and set up a raid group for mythic raiding in mind. One we establish the interest/capability level of individuals more concrete plans can be made.

During the American T-day, we had 2 nights of consistent people. Sat raid night we had 3-4 subs, but it worked out well.

We’ll need to address that making a more consistent mythic raid team is new for all of us and how we approach it will change as we Evolve (get it?!).

Thanks for the summary, we lost power for the entirity of the meeting in our part of the city. Still no clue what caused it, but I like to think it was a drunken Cowboys fan celebrating.