Dinkytotem - Guild Application (Proudmoore US Alliance)

Greetings! I am here via the post on the Proudmoore WoW Forums and the recruitment thread there. As a little who am I…I have moved to Proudmoore from Stormrage after playing there for the past three expansions. I am an old hat at WoW having played since release. Playing Warlock from vanilla until Wrath where I made the switch to Shaman. Having stayed iin the healing role since I have made my way through every tier and acieving AOTC in most content. I have pushed Mythic at times but not consistently.

As for this expansion it has been a bumpy road guild wise. Lots of drama amongst players, implosions, egos getting in the way of the community, and bad luck all around. I did manage to achieve AOTC in CN and am currently 10/10N and 8/10H in Sanctum. As for what I’m looking for is a home, a community, a throwback to the old days where members actually talked, hung out, and were more than raid logging people. I love to raid, am learning to love M+, and above all else feeling a sense of community. And now for the other info:

Toon Name: DInkytotem
Role: Resto Shaman (no dps OS currently)
Ilvl: 236
Raid Progression: 10/10N 8/10H SoD
M+ Score (current) 1751
Raider.io link: https://raider.io/characters/us/proudmoore/Dinkytotem
BNet: Dinky#11373
Discord: Dinky#3263

I hope this answers the most obvious of questions you may have for me. Of course feel free to reach out with any further you may have. I look forward to hearing from you.

Hello and Welcome to Evolved! I know mentioned having a bit of a bumpy road guild wise, but Evolved has been steady and going strong since we formed. We all just enjoy having a community to be part of, friends to run with, and just have a great time and enjoy the game we all love.

If you are still needing an invite, the easiest way to to apply in game via the guild finder. Just search for Evolved and include your Evolved forum name in the note section. You can also @WoW-A Officer on Discord and ask for an invite that way.

Make sure to reach out if you have any questions! You can reach me in on Discord or in game as Starlissa or Stariela.