Discord - The Big Squish vol.1

We have been reviewing our Discord server and have noticed that we need to rethink a bit of what we put in place when we created it. We have a lot of categories, text channels and voice channels. In addition to reducing some bloat, we would also like to line it up more with how our forums are organized. We are looking to be doing a discord Category / Channel squish and combining the following sections into one:

PC Gaming, Squad, Console and Tabletop will be removed as Categories. We will be replacing them with the Evolved Gaming category which will consist of:

Text Channels

Voice Channels
Gaming Party 1
Gaming Party 2
Apex: Legends
Apex: Legends Party 1
Overwatch Party 1
The Division 2
The Division 2 Party 1

We will adjust the announcement to have all of the previous category announcements as one.

We will be able to bring the text channels from the current Categories into the new Evolved Gaming Category so all of the chats should have their Pins and past chatter still intact.

We will also be posting a new Evolved Gaming Overview soon in the gaming section of the forums to better explain how the new Evolved Gaming discord category works.