Division 2 Raid

Gauging to see who is interested in running the new Division 2 Raid when it comes out on 5/16/2019. Looking for 8 able guild members to beat the raid during the first week. We can get some fun cosmetics for the guild and yourself if we beat it in the first week.

See The Division 2 Raid: Operation Dark Hours regarding the raid.

Let’s do it.

I am ready. Hope we can get enough interest.

I’ll join as well, i’m sure we can get DJ, Soul, Epic, and Mint

Watching streams of it. Looks really hard so probably need to watch some VODs and understand the strats and mechanics.

Yea Super i was thinking the same thing. Even guys who regularly play D2 were struggling lol

I haven’t played a bit, wife got mad when she found out how much i was playing in front of a 3 year old, but if i don’t have to be power level capped to help I might be a warm body to fill a slot

I’m rusty but I’ll be down, been trying to get my aim back today =-D

I play Division 2 as well, if you guys ever need a body for anything let me know, I main SS.