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Sign-ups are now open. Reply to this post in the correct format (see below)

Hey everyone! It’s about that time we start thinking about how to approach Fated Raids… It will still be “outside” of normal raiding since we are, after all, an AOTC guild. Since all groups are down to 1-2 night Heroic clears, it’s looking like the best option, just like in the past, is to use Saturday as a Mythic night for those interested and who meet the requirements we set forth for mythic raiding. Although we may not be a CE guild, we still want to set rather strict requirements to raid mythic so that we respect the time of all raiders present. On that note, to date said requirements are as follows:

  1. Must have been at Raider rank for at least 3 weeks before signing up for Mythic.
  2. Must make at least 1 of the 2 Heroic nights every week. You CANNOT do Mythic raiding ONLY. We will be (as we have always done) tracking attendance - we see you.
  3. Minimum ilvl of 290 (Mythic Fated drops 304 ilvl)
  4. All gear must have max enchants/gems that are appropriate for your class/spec.
  5. Must bring all consumables. This includes food/flask, armor kits, oils/stones, dps/healing potions, and vantus runes for use at RL’s request.
  6. Leggos for both main spec and off spec must be 291 as well as Unity at 291.
  7. On average for “target dummy” fights ie Hungering Devourer/Guardian, DPS of 12K-13K+ is required.
  8. Proven mechanical knowledge in Heroic fights and knowledge of mythic mechanics before entering raid. Do your raid homework.
  9. Viable off specs for Tanks/Healers with understanding that you may be swapped out for another mythic raider if fight requires it (whether for higher dps requirement or class needed for fight, etc.)
  10. No main swaps will be made. Pick a toon and stick with it.
  11. All raid rules from our Heroic raids still apply if they are applicable.


  • Instead of using the buggy in-game calendar we will use a Google spreadsheet for the rosters. The roster will be set at 25 members.
  • There is a strict 20 man requirement for Mythic raiding, so this means we’ll have 20 people locked to the team each week, with 5 on stand-by.
  • We plan to announce the set 20 man team that will go into Mythic no later than by the end of each Friday night. If you are on stand-by, you may get a spot if someone has to leave unexpectedly or we need to adjust comp, etc. for a fight.
  • Higher attendance will get higher priority. We cannot plan a Mythic raid when we do not know who is going to show up every week. This means please still let us know if you are not available and please try to have your main ready to go if you are needed.

Sign ups will be here, on the forums (yes we in fact have those…)

You will reply to the sign-up post in the below format:

Forum Name - Toon Name - MS - OS - Non viable spec(s)
Drinkythangs - Shiftythings - Guardian (MS) - Balance/Resto (OS) - Feral - not viable

Please try and be patient with us as the logistics for this along with everything else can be a lot, so getting this in working order (much like the heroic raids) will be a work in progress. We are not perfect, nor do we expect you to be either. We’re all here to have some fun, kill some bosses, and maybe get some lewts!

This is considered a separate roster from the Heroic roster - you can still use one main swap for the tier in Heroic (if you haven’t already done so). We expect that the toon you sign up for Mythic with will be your most geared, strongest toon that you have the most experience with. So this does mean you could be bringing a different toon to Heroic raid than you are bringing to Mythic raid.

Drinkythangs - Drinkythangs - Brewmaster (MS) - WW (OS) - MW - not viable

Allieya - Allieya - Survival (MS) - MM (OS) - BM (OS)

Deadforge - Redmorphosis - Havoc (MS) - Vengeance - not viable

KingJuichi - Gektheraz - Balance (MS) - Guardian/Resto (OS) - Feral (Not Viable)

FirstSpeaker - Andurdead - Demonology - Destruction

Mythrael - Mythrael - Protection(MS) - Retribution(OS) - Holy - Not Viable

Calicice - Caliicei - Holy (MS) - Disc/Shadow (semi-viable)

Nixs - Niixs - Elemental (MS) - Enhanc/Resto Not viable

Rummu - Jiofreed - Frost (MS) 291 - Blood (OS) 295

Azuremi - Azuremi - Retribution (MS) - Protection (OS) - Holy Not Viable

Roar25 - Hakobo - Restoration Druid (MS) - Balance/Guardian (OS) - Feral (Non-Viable)

Trixie - Lustybiscuit - Enhance Shaman (MS) - Resto (OS - semi-viable) - Elemental (not viable)

MrBiscuit - Lanacain - Havoc DH (MS) - Vengeance (OS - not viable for Mythic)

Tribble - Trìbble - Outlaw (MS) - Sin/Sub - not viable

blackbrant - Navarromage - Frost Mage - Fire/Arcane (Non viable)

Avelnà- Avelnà - Restoration (MS) - Enhancement (OS)- Elemental -not viable

lauroftheblings - Redsorrel - Resto (MS) - Balance (OS) - Guardian/Feral (not viable)