Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Campaign Looking for More!

Hello All!

I’ve been running a homebrew 5th Edition D&D campaign for a few Evolved folks, but we’re looking for more to join us!

Currently we meet (online) on Sundays at :clock130: 1:30 - :clock2: 2:00 PM Mountain Time to play over my hosted Fantasy Grounds connection. Our sessions typically last about 3 hours. It doesn’t cost anything to step in, so don’t worry about that!

If you want to join, feel free to create a character in our D&D Beyond Campaign, from which I import into Fantasy Grounds. I do ask that you create them by the day before you want to join us, just so I can get a little familiar with them before the session.

We are also possibly open to adjusting our session time to make it work for more people, so do please let me know if you can’t make it at that specific time, but still want to play!

You can message me on Discord @elzzid#7297 if you have any questions.


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Hey, sounds cool. Time should work most weeks, but there will be occasional weeks I can’t make it. Coxworth recommended I check you guys out. Been playing 5th since it came out and look forward to playing with a new group. Let me know if you still need another player and we can work out a character.


We would love to have another player. If you’ve hopped over to D&D Beyond, of the characters you see, the current active players are Presrel, Zingledorf, and Shadow. The other three have stepped away for a bit because of that pesky thing we call ‘real life’ that gets in the way of gaming all the time.

Awesome! As Tynkir said, we would definitely love to have another player. I’ve not put any restrictions beyond being able to create the character on D&D Beyond, so feel free to start making a character and let me know if you want to talk about anything! Also feel free to DM me on DIscord anytime and I’ll get back to you asap.

Hello I’m new to the community and may be interested in joining your game, if there is room. I don’t have much experience in using fantasy grounds.

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Great! Well feel free to create a character in the D&D Beyond campaign, and message me on Discord.

No worries about fantasy grounds, it’s fairly easy to pick up, and you only need the free demo version to join us. I think most of us are still figuring a few things out anyway haha.