Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Campaign Ideas

Hey all!

Tynk/Bynski and I have been thinking about starting up a new D&D 5e campaign. We would be co-DM’ing, and have some big plans! Our primary goal is to make a D&D 5e campaign that everyone in Evolved who likes D&D can be a part of in some way. We’re hoping to get things rolling in a few weeks, assuming there’s interest.

If you are at all interested in D&D 5e (not just playing!) please go take >>>this survey<<< so we can get an idea of some of the things the people of Evolved like to see in their 5e campaigns.

Thanks for your time!


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Thank you all so much for the responses to our D&D survey! Our current plan is to roll session 0 for the new D&D Evolved campaign on the afternoon of Sunday March 31st (in a little less than two weeks) at approximately 2 PM MDT. The time is up for discussion though, as we want to get as many people involved (especially playing!) as possible! If you think you’ll be able to make this time, or if it’s close to a time you might be able to make, please leave a comment below or send @elzzid#7297 or @Bynski#8651 a message on Discord.

The world is known to its inhabitants as Ereth. The continent you spend your days on is Vorhalen, and is home to a wide array of peoples. For as long as anyone can recall, the world has had an “interesting” connection with the various planes of existence. The planet apparently weaves its way through the cosmos in such a way that it intersects with each plane a bit more than usual. It’s not uncommon to hear of, for example, a fire elemental in the forests of Dibenay or Ralenwood starting forest fires in the summertime, or during the winter (in warmer climes) to hear of a flood caused by a scuffle involving a pair of Marid, or an increase in the number of faerie rings. Additionally, magic (and magical items) are not uncommon and you can worship any deity you wish, although some governments may have strong opinions about religion.

We have created a campaign on D&D Beyond: https://ddb.ac/campaigns/join/4145353808822335

Player characters will begin their journey at level 2, with max hit points for both levels. Hit points will be rolled when leveling up beyond level 2. Essentially anything is allowed, as long as it can be created on D&D Beyond and is from a specific source (such as Critical Role, DMs Guild, Unearthed Arcana, etc.). The only caveat being, if it’s from a source way outside “normal” channels, we may have to tweak things as we play to make sure everything is fair and/or fun. If you wish to jump right into character creation, use the Point Buy or Standard Array methods for your ability scores.

We will be available to help answer any questions and help with character creation, for those who wish it, over this coming weekend, but always feel free to message us on Discord anytime, and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

Thanks! We look forward to D&D Evolved!

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Oh, oops… Meant to say also that we’d like to see characters created on D&D Beyond by next Friday (the 29th), if possible, so that we can get things prepared. Thanks again! :grinning: