ESO application

Hello My name is Chulk, I’ve been casually playing ESO online since its release but never really got past level 30. I’m interested in the reply that was sent to me on the ESO subreddit and this guild of the 3 that replied feels like it will be my home. I’m a highborn High elf sorc? Atleast that is what I chose. MY ingame name is Chulky.

A little background info: 24yrs old male currently struggling not committing seppuku or murder first considering I work retail. I live with my beautiful GF and we both live in Jax FL. We will be moving to Ithaca NY soon so she can finish her degree at Cornell uni and in that time I’ll finish my engineering degree!

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Whoa. I was just in Jaxonville, FL for work for a week.

Welcome to Evolved.

Welcome to Evolved :smiley:

Welcome! we are glad to have you!