ESO Guild Tabard Contest

Evolved Tabard Contest

Hey! These past two months we have grown from 5 to nearly 50 members within our chapter of Elder Scrolls Online here in Evolved. Let’s celebrate with a tabard design contest! Oddly, there are no tabard generators online for ESO like other games … so this gets a bit tricky… but let’s give it a shot!

The best site I could find is

I created an example submission below. To do this, I saved the images/colors/styles that I wanted for my tabard from the site above to my imgur account to post here. Then I made this post (where you will reply with your submissions) that I inserted the images to.


1 entry per member.

Only ESO members may participate.

Contest dates: 12/9/18 - 12/21/18

Any submissions after 12/21 will be invalid.

You may provide a brief explanation for images and symbols you chose.

Prize: 700 cp pet or lower of your choice

Winner will be determined via voting on a poll.


(shape and style of tabbard)

(green cause us elves love nature)

(growing tree to represent our growing family)

Here is my submission. Was unable to post multiple images/links in the single reply so here is the imgur album:




Ok, I chose the following:

I chose the wolf because wolves reflect the various members we have: we have leaders, we have those who like to hunt in a pack, we have those who hunt alone and some who may disperse to other games. But at the end of the day, we are a family.

Not to mention, anyone who knows me had to know I would pick it!

Here’s my entry!
(See album)

The results are in! It was a close race between Kalcedoni and Fail, but the blue design of the Daedric letter “E” wins! Thank you for those who participated: @Kalcedoni @FailCheck (ESO) @:wolf: Skye :wolf: @Araxien (WoW-A)(GO) @Coxworth (WoW-A)(RL) and thank you for those that voted! Fail - see me or message me for what pet i can gift you in game :smile: Be on the watch for our January contest…

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Grats Fail! Nice design suggestion!

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Congrats! Looks awesome and can’t wait to see it in game!

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