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Hey -

So as you all may have seen the past 2 weeks a few of us (roughly 10) are playing ESO (Elder Scrolls Online). I plan to play this game for a while, the new WoW expansion just really wasn’t cutting it for me (still will play occasionally just for story). So we will be establishing a community in ESO.

Please let me know if you are interested, have questions about the game, and/or are interested in helping in a leadership role.

Grimmie aka Lady Grimlight

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Indeed, we would love folks to join in the game. It’s beautiful. I had never played it before and was very surprised at all the voice acting and wealth of stories and quests.

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It really is a fun game. I have been enjoying exploring the beautiful zones and listening to the great stories that are in ESO. It’s been a fun change of pace from WoW while we wait for 8.1 to release. Of course, WoW is still my main game even though Grimmie might wish otherwise. :wink:

If you haven’t tried it before, might be worth checking out. It goes on sale fairly often so you can grab it pretty cheap. :slight_smile:


Hello - just started the game and interested in joining a guild. Haven’t ever played before so still learning! Any tips?

Welcome!! See this thread Useful ESO Resources there are some guides for new players. I will be on later tonight to help with any questions you may have. Please feel free to hang out in our discord, it’s a great tool for communicating questions. Don’t feel like you have to talk the whole time :slightly_smiling_face:

For an invite see wedgebert, me, kynetic, failcheck, Star, Skye ( specific info posted on eso announcements section in discord)

Thanks! I’m new to discord, too. How do I join the discussion?

Here’s the link for our discord thread and info. Discord Link / Download

It’s like teamspeak or vent but a million times better because it combines text and speech and is more interactive.

Awesome-thank you!

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