ESO Invite Please~!

Hey new recruits!

If you would like an invite to the guild, please message one of the following people in game directly for an invite!

**In Game Names: @Albedo_Mendax @GrimmieGrim, @Macabre @Adz5 @piggnyc @aubbls

OR get in in Discord to check on the right side bar to see which officer is online for invites.
- Just send them a quick message with your @ name to get invited.
- Officers and Guild Leadership are blue ranks.

OR use the in-game guild finder to put in a request for membership.


Looking forward to meeting you in game ! :slight_smile:


I was just getting ready to make a post asking how to go about getting the invite in game. =D Thank you! Oh and hello. =)

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I’m online frequently throughout the day, even if just to check on this or that. If anyone needs an invite, add me to your friends list and I’ll be able to get you into the guild!

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