Evolved Community Information

Who We Are

Evolved Gaming is a multi-gaming community involved in a wide variety of games who strive to build a gaming environment that will embrace honesty, loyalty, and camaraderie. We will strive to provide quality and transparency to our members and look forward to ensuring all members have a voice in the direction of the community.

Active Community

Have you been searching for a guild that feels like home, has a sense of community, and can make friendships that last? Are you searching for a guild that knows what it’s like to be a parent, a working adult, or just busy in real life but still enjoys playing video games in your free time? If you answered yes, then Evolved Gaming will be perfect for you! We understand that real life comes first, but it’s nice to have that online family and community to come home to in your free time.

Awarding members

Evolved was created to provide a drama-free, family-oriented, and people-focused environment for mature (18+) gamers who wish to play online without the antics often found in open games. We believe that the person behind the keyboard is more important than the pixels on the screen and that everyone should have the opportunity to play without fear of being harassed, heckled, or abused.


Evolved originally started in World of Warcraft when a group of players who had been together for years decided to set out and create their own gaming community that truly felt like home. We wanted a place where players could have a fun time in a relaxed casual atmosphere but still be able to have a sense of accomplishment as a guild. Evolved was created to give its members a place to play various games together while being able to stay together in a community. Evolved History

Fair & Honest Leadership

Known for a nonabusive leadership team offering fair investigations of conflict control we are here to hear all sides of any situation. We also go above and beyond in which we display all of our donations out in the open from where they go and even the PayPal in which they sit. Evolved Expenses

You Decide We Provide

There is no dictatorship here, everyone gets a voice and we will always do our best to make sure you are heard and that we can take your ideas to better this community. For more information visit our Evolved Charter.

Table of Contest

Other Links of Interest

Open Board Meeting Notes & Triumvirate / Board of Directors Structure

Anniversary / Open Board Meeting Notes

Missed our past meeting. No worries check them all out from the beginning of Evolved.


You can also view our hisotry over the past years

Open Board Meeting

Triumvirate & Board of Directors Structure

In addition to our over all Evolved Charter. The following information is what else your Triumvirate and Board of Directors does around our community.


Cataclysm works with his fellow Triumvirate members and the Board to help keep pushing Evolved to grow and become the best community possible for all of us. Cata is constantly trying to find new and exciting ways to help drive Evolved forward via new member growth by always recruiting, looking for new ways to expand, or just finding better ways to word things on the forums and Discord. As a Triumvirate member, Cataclysm is always reaching out to the Evolved members, the different guilds leadership, and the Board and other Triumvirate members to chat and get feedback on ways to help better the Evolved Community.

Isilaura works closely with the other Triumvirate members and the Board to help keep Evolved running smoothly. As a Triumvirate member, Isilaura does a bit of everything in the Evolved Community ranging from meeting with the other Board/Tri members, keeping up to date on what is going on the various guilds and guild leadership, talking with our various members to get a feel for what is going on in our community, helping with the day to day running of Evolved, and assisting with keeping the forums and Discord information for the whole community up to date.

Star is newer to the Tri team. Since joining, she continues to work closely with our Community Guides, filling in for our lack of a named Community Manager. While doing this, she organizes Community wide activities - Evolved Secret Santa, Evolved Trivia Nights, and Evolved Game Nights - to name a few. Star works with the other Tri members to keep Evolved running - dealing with issues as they arise, providing feedback on new projects, and everything else that running this crazy place can involve.

Board of Directors

Jackburton, Medd and Raille

Led by the Triumvirate, The Board works within a democratic structure voting on what is best for all of Evolved. These ideals keep the community from being about one person’s quest. All Board Members have an equal vote in any issue brought before the Board.

The Board of Directors responsibilities will include but not limited to:

  • Recording the official minutes for all meetings and ensuring they are published for members in a timely manner.
  • Building and monitoring the Evolved community and is responsible for the community by welcoming members, assisting with recruiting and directing recruiting officers.
  • Planning the creation of material that will maintain or enhance the public image of Evolved through social media.
  • Assist in creating a structure/plan for a new game to be brought into Evolved.

Membership of The Board is determined by The Triumvirate. Any proposals of promotion to Guild Leader, must be approved by The Board of Directors and The Triumvirate.

Discord Information and Rules

Discord Information

Connect with your friends and communities with top tier voice, video, and text chat. Discover and play amazing games with the Discord store and Nitro subscription.

Discord Conduct, Expectations, Guidelines & Rules

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct as written in our charter

The following rules apply to all members of Evolved. Any member in violation of the Code of Conduct is subject to punitive action, up to and including expulsion from Evolved and/or its Guilds.

  • We will only accept players who are 18 years or older. We do offer a PG-13 atmosphere but please consider the following:

  • Comments that are in nature a reflection of: racism, sexism, homophobic behavior, religions, prejudice against another’s beliefs and life choices, as well as overly childish/immature behavior will hold a Zero tolerance policy.

  • Use appropriate language. Excessive swearing, naughty language, off-color/sexist jokes are not acceptable.

Assume that members’ children and young players are viewing chat or listening at all times. If you feel the need to curse, take a moment and do it with your microphone off.

  • That being said, we are not a safe space guild where no offense will ever be given, where nothing will upset you. We in no way want to become a guild where members have to walk around on eggshells in case they might offend others. We acknowledge jokes may be received the wrong way, and accidentally cause offense.

Should such occurrences happen, suggest the current topic is inappropriate, and a change of topic to something positive. Do consult an officer as needed to discuss the issue. If the officers feel it was a personal attack, and truly inappropriate, they will take action as they see fit.


To ensure that everyone has an enjoyable, social gaming experience. We ask that you read and understand the following information:

Cursing, Cussing or Swearing

You don’t have to live in fear that the fun police are going to take away your fun gaming experience. Feel free to have a good time in the fashion that you like. All we ask is that you follow our charter rules for the Code of Conduct and be mindful that if someone asks you to tone it down, to just do it without a fuss.

Voice Activation

If you have lots of background noise or have a tendency to do loud outbursts.and someone asks you to adjust your settings, please do so. If you keep getting told to check yourself you may have to go to Push-to-Talk or have yourself muted. No one needs to hear your significant other yelling at you to do the dishes or your deep breathing. So please be courteous to the people in your channel.

Guild Voice Channels


The lounge is the recommended social channel for everyone to just chill and relax. A place where people meet up, chit chat and just have a good time. We encourage others to get on discord to voice chat because it’s a lot better for clear communication than typing. If members are finding that the lounge is being overrun by a group of people chatting about a focused topic, please kindly ask them to take it to another channel.

We sometimes host special non-group events in the lounge such as guild meetings, in game events or maybe even some sorta trivia night.

Party Channels

The party channels are mainly to be used for doing small group content in-game. This includes but is not limited to questing, dungeons and PvP. These channels can be used for having in-depth or otherwise involved conversations with other members. Done with your party? We suggest going back to the lounge.

PvP / Raid Channels

The PvP / Raid channels are to be used for PvP / Raid groups. This includes both official and unofficial guild events with official events having priority. No need to use these channels other than what they are created for.

Other Channels / Information

Gaming Party / Events Channels

The gaming party / events channels are mainly to be used for doing small group content in-game or out of game. This includes but is not limited to MMORPG, RPG, Shooters, Mobas or Game Night Events. These channels can also be used for having in depth or otherwise involved conversations with other members.

Game Activity

We are really trying to attempt to bring our community closer together. We try to add different channels into our Gaming section on Discord based on what we see our members playing. But we really need some help from you all as well. When we scroll down the member list to see what people are playing, we see many blanks under member’s names. If you’re willing to share this info, and to help us out, we would like to ask all of our members to do the following:

  • Click on your Settings (Cog Wheel) in the lower Left side of discord
  • Click on Game Activity
  • Look for “Display currently running game as a status message.”
  • Move the slider so dot is on left side


Inviting “PUGS” (non-guildies) into Discord is ok for doing a dungeon, raid, pvp event or even just to check out the guild for a little bit if they are a potential recruit. Just have them join discord and read all the information in welcome.

Events Information


Welcome to the Evolved Events information Page! Here you will find all the exciting information you will need to help run the various game bots we have in our community, as well as just general information about the games themselves. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to myself or any Board/Tri member!

The biggest thing to remember about all of these bots and events is to just have fun! The goal of the Evolved Events is to just have fun as a community, get to know some people from other games, hang out and have a great time! Make sure to play fair and be a good sport! And a friendly reminder, some of these games do have more mature content.

Community Events

We will be hosting some community event(s) through out the months. They will flip flop between any of the events we have listed below. We will always try and giver 3-7 days notice when letting the community know when, where and what event will be taking place. Not everyone will like the event going on, but remember its all in good fun to come and join and get to know your other community members from around the Evolved Gaming Community.

Guild Events

Want your guild to have an event? Maybe something fun to do for a guild meeting? Come check out which bot game listed below your guild would like to play, on what day and time so that we can book you in. Might be something that brings your guild together for laughs. So if your reading this go poke your guild leadership and officers to get something set up.

How to Get an Event Going

If you are interested in playing any of these games or organizing an event night with your guild, get in contact with Star via the forums or Discord. If you can think of any other game that would be a great addition to our community, let us know!


Please be advised if you have never played most of these games before some of them are not for the faint at heart. Most if not all are Very Mature games with a lot of dirty answers to some naughty questions. But with this said it can always be a great laugh and make you wanting more. Do not take any of the answers to the questions to heart, it’s for a great fun filled evening of gaming with your friends and other community members.

List of Events

  • Trivia
  • Cards Against Humanity
  • Jack Box TV



With over 3,000 questions and 24 categories, Trivia Bot offers endless trivia fun in a PG atmosphere which is fun for the whole family that want that casual questionnaire unlike the rest of the other bots this bot is more tame. Categories include Film, Television, Anime & Manga, Sports, Science & Nature, and more!

Trivia Bot Commands

  • trivia help : Type to access a list of all the trivia bot commands
  • trivia play : Type to start the trivia bot
  • trivia stop : Type to stop the trivia bot
  • trivia categories :Type to access list of all the categories
  • trivia play advanced : Type to start the hard mode trivia bot questions, good luck!

Cards Against Humanity Bot

Cards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people in which players complete fill-in-the-blank statements using words or phrases typically deemed as offensive, risqué or politically incorrect printed on playing cards. Unlike most of the party games you’ve played before, Cards Against Humanity is as despicable and awkward as you and your friends.

Warning: Definitely Mature Content :smiley:

Cards Against Humanity Commands

  • c!commands: Type to bring up a list of all the commands for Cards Against Humanity.
  • c!join: Type to join the game. You will get a DM from the Cards Against Humanity Bot listing your cards and the questions.
  • c!start: Type to start the game when everyone is ready.
  • c!play (Any Letter): Type to play your card.
    • If there are multiple responses you will need to type c!play (Any Letter)(Any Letter)
      EXAMPLE: c!play a or c!play ab
  • c!leave: Type to leave the game if you are finished or need to go afk.
  • c!display: Type to refresh the game if it starts acting up or not allowing the Czar to pick an answer.

How to Play Cards Against Humanity

The game is simple. Each round, one player asks a question from a black card or in this case with the bot you are given the question, and everyone else answers with their funniest white card which is on your list of sayings on the Bot.

Best to have the Cards Against Humanity discord bot opened on your computer. Then have the Cards Against Humanity private message open on an other device like your phone or tablets

Black Card Question
The Department of Psychology is looking for paid research volunteers. Are you 18-25 and suffering from _____.

White Card Responses
A) Stupid.
B) Being an attractive elf trapped in an unattractive human’s body.
C) That thing politicians do with their thumbs when they talk.
D) Dining with cardboard cutouts of the cast of “Friends.”
E) A face full of horse cum.
F) Shaquille O’Neal’s acting career.

The Current Czar: Star. Will now pick one of the answers by clicking on the emoji letter that she feels is the funnest.

Jackbox TV

Long gone are quiet nights in watching the same old TV shows – The Jackbox Party Packs are HERE!!! Experience five fun games in one great pack – giving you the perfect excuse for rounding up friends, family and fellow gamers for a few hours of gaming delight – whatever the day, whatever the occasion.

This is an amazing game that might ask you to draw weird doodles, write the best inside joke, or answer hilarious trivia questions. There are hours of laughs in every pack!

Warning: Tends to be more Mature Content :smiley:

How to Play Jackbox Games

Jackbox Games titles are easy to pick up and play for gamers and non-gamers alike. We’ve worked hard to make sure you never need detailed instructions to get into a game and start having fun. That said, here are some detailed instructions!

  • Launch The Game

    • If you’re playing one of our Jackbox Party Packs, you’ll want to use your gamepad, remote, or mouse and keyboard to pick the specific game you want to play from the main menu. Then select the game or “play” option in the menu to start playing.
  • Go to Jackbox.TV

    • Our games are played using your phone, tablet, laptop, or other web-enabled device as a controller. The main action of the game happens on your TV (or wherever you launched the game), but players use their own devices to input answers and make choices. Each player will need to go to Jackbox.TV on their phone or other device.
  • Enter the Room Code

    • With the game launched, you should see the “lobby” screen which displays a four-letter room code . Each player should use their phone or other device to enter that room code and their name on Jackbox.TV to join the game, then press “PLAY.” You can tell it worked when you see their name appear on the game screen.
  • Start Playing!

    • The player who joined the game first (the VIP) can start the game from their device once all players are joined and ready. Or, if you’ve enabled “Start Game from Controller Only” in the game settings, you’ll need to press the button shown onscreen to begin.

Hidden Games

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Evolved Streaming Rules


Evolved believes strongly in bringing people together through gaming. We encourage our members to become involved in the community and to have a positive impact on it. We recognize streaming is a big part of the online experience and that you may want to share your creative entertainment with your Evolved friends. Check out the info below to get started.

If you have any more questions please get in contact with any Triumvirate or Board of Directors member. Best way to contact is via Discord - just simply right click there name and DM them or @mention them in #general that you’re looking to chat.

Best of luck in all of your gaming with Evolved.

Facebook, Twitch and YouTube Streaming

Things to review before you get started with streaming your content:

Rules and Suggestions when advertising your stream on the Evolved server:

  • Mature Content - Enable this setting if your stream contains content that may be inappropriate for younger audiences.

    • You may never broadcast sexual activity, nudity, threats or extreme violence. Doing so will result in immediate, irrevocable termination of your account. This is a requirement of the above platforms.
    • Content, mature or otherwise, must also comply with our Evolved Overall Charter when streaming an Evolved Event.
  • Keep your in-game chat covered for any privacy issues - whether you are an officer or a member, your chat needs to be covered to protect other member’s privacy.

  • Streaming an Evolved Event? Please put EVOLVED in the title of your stream.

    • If you’d also like an Evolved logo/banner visible on your stream or profile in some fashion, reach out and we can help supply the graphics. Not mandatory, just more if you so choose to do so to promote Evolved.
  • Looking for other ways to promote the Community? Have a link to the guild website on your channel page.

  • Do not poach members from our server - do not ask them to migrate from our server to your server to play a game.

    • We want to be a place to help you advertise your streams, but we are not “streamer focused”. We focus on bringing people together through gaming and giving them a place to game together.
  • Do not overuse our existing server roles to gain viewers.

  • Moderate your stream and stream’s chat room. Just as you are responsible for the previously mentioned items, so too are you responsible to moderate the people in your stream’s chat room to act accordingly.

Recommended (but not required) Stream Settings

These are general recommendations, not specific to Evolved.

  • Enable past broadcasts (VOD or Video on Demand)
  • Show whatever meter you compete with if your game has such meters (DPS/Damage - Healing)
  • Fill in your bio, avatar, banners, and offline image.
  • Stream with a webcam! Webcams attract visitors and puts a face to the character.(Not needed but strongly recommended)
  • Set up some bots, notifications, the cool stuff!

Streaming Software, Bots & Sites


Below we have listed some common choices other broadcasters use and recommend for newer broadcasters.

Each has its own benefits so we would recommend doing research and making your decision based on what you need.


There’s more than just a few bots out there already. And with new features and software entering the already clustered market each day, there’s no clear winner in our eyes.

There’s a bot that’s right for you, it’s most likely on this list - you’ve got nothing to lose by giving one or two ago.

There’s certainly lots to gain by choosing a familiar name that viewers will recognize, but at the end of the day it’s your stream and you should make of it what you want. But do yourself a favor and remember to stay hydrated too.

Chat Bot Compatibility Ease of Use Functions
Streamlabs Cloudbot Twitch, Youtube Easy Moderation, Channel Points, Commands
StreamElements Twitch, Youtube, Facebook Easy Moderation, Games, Ranking Boards
Nightbot Twitch, Youtube Easy Moderation, Soundcloud, Chatlogs
Moobot Twitch Easy Moderation, Polls, Music Selection
Wizebot Twitch Intermediate Moderation, Game Integration, Sub Lists

Discord Streaming Misc Info

Going live in discord is a great quick way to show your friends and the community what you are doing in the moment. It is a great tool to use when showing the members of our community where you found hidden treasures or to showcase a game that people might be interested in playing. Maybe even if you’re doing a home workout or doing some fancy cooking you can always do a webcam screen share.

Discord is making it easy to use for our generation and beyond all at the quick click of a button.Check out what discord has to say at the following links.

But even with these amazing features there are still bumps along the way. We ask that you try and follow these simple guidelines to ensure the safety of your in game stream via discord through live in game or screen sharing…

Chat Windows

PM’s - Officer Chat - Discord Msgs. Due to cant put pictures over in game we ask that you move your PM’s and Officer chat to a different window to protect you as well as keep those wandering eyes from creeping. When Screen sharing just don’t answer your discord messages.

World of Warcraft Only

To move PM’s into a different window please do the following.

  • Hit ESC
  • Select Interface
  • Click on Social
  • Drop box at bottom says New Whispers
  • Select New Tab
  • Click Okay

Clean / Tidy Background

There may come a time when you screen share that your background behind you might be messy or dirty or might have some unwanted mentionables behind you. Make sure that you have things spic and span so that you don’t get caught explaining to your friends

Note: This document is ever changing. If there is something you see out of place or maybe want to add something to it, please get in contact with a Tri / Board member.

Streaming Profile Panels

About%20Me Discord Facebook Instagram Rules Schedule Specs Tips Twitter YouTube Steam Subscribe ~Blank

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Social Media & Get Together Overview

Social Media

The purpose of our Evolved social media is primarily to build a brand and increase our visibility. As our social media sites become more popular, we will be able to keep in touch with friends and extended family that we have made within our community.

Website/Forums and Social Media

Get Together Overview

It’s easy to chat and talk to each other in game or on a communication program. But when you meet in person it brings it to a whole new level. This is what we have become: family. We love each other, support each other through dark periods, and celebrate through the happy ones Yes, sometimes we fight with each other too; but what good family doesn’t? That’s a symbol of passion for the love of the community and the love of the games we play.

We are happy to bring you into our family through meeting each other’s in different places around North American and maybe even the World. Meeting members of a Community such as Evolved not only brings a face to a name that lights up on a communication program but makes it more surreal when your chatting it up. We invite you to take part in one of our many gatherings each year.

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Communication and Conflict Resolution

We want to foster open and honest communication between our members. If at any time you feel that you can not speak up or feel uncomfortable due to interaction with another member, we ask that you first attempt to talk to that member and explain your position.

If you are unhappy with a situation, try to think of a potential resolution to what specifically is upsetting. A general complaint is hard to address because it is broad, but specific concerns are much easier to address and discuss. If you have an issue but can’t think of a fitting solution, be open to the suggested solutions of others. Ultimately, our goal is to have the most inclusive environment we can. By approaching issues with a solution oriented approach we can more easily find a resolution.

Sometimes part of communication is knowing when no further constructive progress is being made either by you or another party. There is no shame in asking to take a break in order to cool down or relax if a situation seems to be escalating into a more toxic confrontation. Many times negative outcomes can be avoided by members taking some time to think things over or get some food or rest.

The Conflict Resolution Process

We are a gaming community. We are here to play games and have fun together. We are also a group of people who may spend extended amounts of time together and conflict will likely arise. On the rare occasion that a disagreement is unable to be resolved, we hope the processes listed below will be helpful to arrive at a resolution:

Use of public Discord channels (voice or text), forums, or any public arena of any kind are not appropriate for the Conflict Resolution process. Use DMs or a private Discord call.

  1. Reflect and get perspective

    What caused the problem for you? Why is the other party upset? Attempt to see things from an outside perspective. Is the issue something that is going to continually affect your overall happiness? Or would it be best to walk away and let it go (this isn’t always the best option, but it is an option)? What resolution do you need to move forward and why? Be mentally prepared to compromise or accept alternate proposals.

  2. Voice chat is better

    Often just having a private conversation can bring a swift end to the conflict. Voice chat will always be a better form of communication than text chat, especially when it comes to disagreements. In general, people are reasonable and a voice chat may provide clarity on a misunderstanding or provide additional perspective into the issue that each individual may better relate to.

  3. Bring in a neutral third party or leadership member/group

    Bring in a guild officer or escalate the issue up the leadership ladder of the game in which the problem started. When the conversation is not constructive, a neutral third party may be helpful in making sure both parties hear one another. Remember to be willing to compromise. If you are unable to accept any of the proposed resolutions, you need to decide whether it’s time to move on from the conflict, or move on from the community.

Being a drama llama within the community is unacceptable behavior. If you require too much “attention” from any of our leadership, it probably means you aren’t a good fit. Open communication and mutual respect are core values in Evolved. If you feel that you can’t abide by these values, then again, this is not the community for you.

At the end of the day, we just want to have fun while playing games. Please don’t make our community a toxic environment.