Evolved Cross Faction Information

Evolved Cross Faction Information

First and foremost, Blizzard did not make this easy for us. Just wanted to say that before you all started to read the information below. Please keep in mind that no system is ever going to please everyone but we feel it’s the best path for us moving forward into something new and exciting.

How Cross Faction Works

Cross-faction play will be added to the game in Patch 9.2.5. and the feature allows you to play with players of the opposing faction, with some restrictions.

  • Cross-faction play with features mimicking same faction play is vastly limited to instanced content: Mythic+, Rated Battlegrounds, and raids (Legacy included).

    • LFR, Normal and Heroic Dungeons, Arena Skirmishes, and Random Battlegrounds are not cross-faction. The same applies to outdoor content like World Quests.
    • Certain instances with faction-specific content are not cross-faction. This includes Trial of the Champion, Trial of the Crusader, Vault of Archavon, Icecrown Citadel, Baradin Hold, Siege of Boralus, Battle of Dazar’alor, and Darkmaul Citadel.
  • Note that you can group up with members of the opposite faction in the open world, but the capabilities are extremely limited.

    • In the open world, single-target resurrection does not work, however, Mass Resurrection works.
    • In open-world content, you must be in a physical group to understand the other faction, being members of the same community isn’t enough.
    • With War Mode enabled, you can group up and attack players of the opposite factions.
    • Once you’re in an instanced group (dungeon/raid), you can do anything you would with members of the same faction. You will receive buffs, use multi-vendor mounts, trade gold and items if, on the same realm (Not cross server), you can only use neutral city portals,
  • You can’t just walk up to a random member of the opposite faction and invite them. The whole process has some prerequisites that you must do to make the feature work.

    • To invite a member of the opposite faction to a group, you must be Battlenet Friends with them or a member of a Cross-Realm Community.
    • Another way to group up with the opposite faction is through the Premade Group Finder. However, the leader can choose to restrict the group to the same faction.

Cross-faction play has some restrictions. In the following section we go through some of the most important ones:

  • Once you’re in a cross-realm group, you can’t use the opposite faction’s portals. You can’t use their multi-vendor mounts, you can’t get buffed, or trade with them.
  • The “/invite name” command works only if you’re Battlenet Friends with the other person or member of the same cross-realm community.
  • You can summon members of the opposite faction to a dungeon, but you’ll need another member of your faction to do so. If there’s 1 Horde player and 4 Alliance players, you won’t be able to summon the other Horde players.
  • You can send gold and items to your Alliance characters with your Horde character if they are on the same realm!
  • You cannot send mail to other factions.

For vocal information on how this system works please watch the following video

What This Means For Evolved

We know that no matter how we handle this there are going to be some people upset. For this we are sorry. But we want to make the experience amazing for everyone so this is what we have come up with.

  • Members wishing to play within our guilds in our community will have to be Alliance (Proudmoore) and Horde (Area 52).

    • Cannot be on the same servers different factions or from any other servers.
  • We know and understand that this might be costly for members looking to server transfer and/or faction change. If you want to level toons, you have lots of time until 9.2.5.

    • Takes 8-12 hours (1-50)
    • Takes 6-10 hours (50-60)
    • You can buy ZM BOA gear with Anima and cross faction/server mail it to your Alliance or Horde toon
    • Talk to TBD (Alliance) and Cataclysm (Horde) about getting bags to help you out
    • If worried about gold, sell pets on opposite servers (check out Cata’s WoW Gold Guide on forums)
  • New Cross-Faction Community will be created that only members from the above 2 guilds will have access to.

    • Can only have one main toon and 2 alts in the community. This is subject to change once the Alliance/Horde guild grows more or start of xpack when we get an influx of returning/new members. We will keep everyone posted if we have to limit alts in the Cross-Faction Community.

Events, Mythic Plus and Raiding

Being able to pull from 2 different guilds across 2 different factions should make it easier to find more like-minded people to do in-game activities with. Cross-faction really gives Evolved so much more potential for interaction and cooperation between our WoW guilds.


Are you interested in Transmog or Mount runs? We now have the ability to set up a day(s) for members to relax and go after different transmogs and mounts in various different raids and dungeons. (Anything we can walk into, we can Cross-Faction group!)

Mythic Plus

Do you like doing Mythic plus and pushing keys? Group up with Cross-Faction members through our Cross-Faction community - hang out and get to know Evolved members that you may not have had a chance to play with before. This should probably alleviate the M+ drought we can sometimes see in the group-finder on Alliance side.


Maybe raiding is what gets your adrenaline pumping? The thrill of having 15+ raiders working together to conquer harder content. Well with Cross-Faction we can recruit for both Alliance and Horde which will assist our community with growing. There are just going to be a lot more options for everyone to figure out which guild they can do what in but staying with the faction they love.

This will open up our Raid Schedule options. Alliance currently raids Tues, Fri, Sat, Sun, and tentatively Horde will be raiding on Weds and Thurs in the next xpack.

Please note that all members will have to follow whichever Guild Charter applies as well as follow the raiding rules for which guild they declare their raiding toon. Only raiders from Alliance (Proudmoore) or Horde (Area 52) will have access to be able to raid within our community.

Sorry we know some members might have toons on different servers but this is how we are planning on doing it going forward.


Communication is going to be a tricky thing. There will potentially be chat happening in the Alliance guild chat, the Horde guild chat, and the Cross-Faction community chat. That’s 3 opportunities for communication - but also means you won’t know what’s going on at all times. We ask that members use our NEW Discord channels instead of in-game chats so that members will not miss out on information.

The Alliance and Horde Leadership and Officers will be working together to make sure that the Community MOTD and Calendar are up to date in all 3 places (both guilds and in the community).

But we ask that you use the following new Text and Voice channels when grouping up and looking for more people to do different content with.

  • Cross Faction Chat - 1 text - 1 voice
  • Cross Faction Mythic Plus - 1 Text - 6 voice
  • Cross Faction Events 1 text - 1 voice

If anyone has any questions or comments. Please reach out the your respective leadership of the Alliance or Horde. Thanks and have a great day.

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