Evolved Expenses - Where the Donations and Profits Go

Hello Evolved - in an effort to be as transparent as possible, we wanted to share what our expenses look like.

Where are Profits & Donations Going

We would first and foremost like to thank all the members that support our community. Without all of you we would not be able to do the things we do.

Monthly costs

  • $18 for web hosting
  • <$1 usually for email services

Yearly costs

  • $249 LLC services
  • Annual taxes (2020 - $100)

Bi-yearly costs

  • $98.30 for domain
  • $9.98 website security

One-time costs


  • $82 to set up original LLC
  • $100 deposit to set up business bank account
  • $66 website skin license
  • $23 menu skin for website


  • $457 new LLC

Other places Evolved funds might go:

  • Bots for Discord
  • Website re-design
  • Prizes for Community events
  • Food and Prizes for our future Evolved Get-Togethers

Thanks for all your support!
Cata, Isi, Star, Tae, and Grimmie