Evolved FFXIV Endwalker Raid Rules

Evolved FFXIV Endwalker Raid Rules

FFXIV in Evolved is more known as a casual raiding community. This is why we do not have hard attendance requirements or push beyond the normal difficulty, but everything and anything is subject to change. That being said there may be guild sponsored EX or Savage raids as one offs which may feature different requirements to participate.

Evolved raids as frequently as content and interest required. Initially a full clear may not happen as progression occurs and follow ups may happen as part of the van nights. Ultimately a raid tier (4 bosses) of the current content will be completed on our set raid day. Prior tiers may be completed that night or on a non-raid day depending on time allowed and group desires.

Raid Requirements:

We do not require much to raid in our casual environment, but some basics do apply:

  • Have your discord name as a player note in the short messages;
  • Achieve max level and have the required iLvl for the current raid tier;
  • Signup to raid on our roster and include the relevant information upon signup; and,
  • Come prepared with basic knowledge of the content we’ll be learning.


Loot rules largely do not apply. While content is current you’ll be able to loot one raid piece a week per boss. If you need a piece you can roll need. As everyone uses the same currency, we expect people to only need for their main spec. Abusing this rule can result in removal from raiding and much stricter loot rationing. We’re all on the same team so let’s not be greedy.

Raid Formation:

As we are a casual guild and FFXIV only allows groups of 8 for the raid, having static teams will be difficult in our environment. Raiders will form up at the FC house 15 minutes prior to the raid start of 6 PST. From there we will form raid teams based on how many people turn up. We will likely have weeks where we cannot fit everybody in a raid group.

Raid Leaders will track who sat each week and give those people priority invites the following week to make sure everybody gets a turn. Also there is a very fair chance that people will want to run with those who sat later on in the week just for the sheer fun of it. We will not exclude anyone from raiding if they make the effort to show up.

Savage/EX Raiding:

As stated above, our Evolved Company of FFXIV does not formally run content of this difficulty. Individuals may attempt to form a static group to perform said content and we encourage the guild to do so, but at this time we do not formally raid this content.

When we do organize a guild EX or possibly even Savage run we do require a few conditions be met so that we have a chance at completion:

  • Successfully complete the Stone, Sky, Sea target dummy for the intended boss.
  • Be mechanically “sound”. If you can’t complete the normal version of a fight without dying, then this compounds in EX and Savage.
  • Accept constructive criticism. Required dps and mechanics may result in general rotation recommendations and further mechanic tips. Call outs can only go so far with how fast paced EX and Savage are, so being able to understand what is happening and how to address it will be key. Many of us are strong in multiple areas and are more than willing to help people who are open to help, don’t be afraid to ask advice.
  • Generally speaking, if you struggle to complete normal, then EX is unlikely, and if you struggle to get through EX, then Savage is unlikely.
  • We want everyone to have a good time in the guild. This content is only more challenging than normal content, we’ll always get people through the normal versions so they see all the things, but we make no promises for the harder content as we have to consider all 8 people in each run.