Evolved FFXIV is moving to Siren. Details here

Hello everyone,

Let me start by saying this decision was not made lightly, and input was taken from officers, triumvirate + board members, as well as others to come to this conclusion. Please read on for details:

We’re moving?! Why?

  • Simply put: Cactuar is now classified as a “congested” world. This means no characters can be created on the world, and no existing characters can be transferred to it. The datacenter expansion SE made was an utter disaster, and Cactuar ended up being the destination for a LOT of displaced people who were moved to Crystal.

  • Because of this, recruitment is near impossible. The only potential recruits are characters/players already on Cactuar. This cripples our ability to grow. We want to move off of the server to continue to grow.

  • There are several members of Evolved who have expressed interest in joining us in FFXIV but cannot due to the congested server status. We want to be a community that does not exclude members from playing with us. Staying on Cactuar prevents us from doing that.

  • Looking forward: Queue times. When Shadowbringers launches, there will inevitably be queue times for logging in to Cactuar (and probably every server, but mostly Cactuar…). This is less important to us, but still something to consider.

Where are we moving to? Siren? Why?

  • Siren is classified as a “preferred” world. This comes with several benefits.

For new characters:

  • Road to 60 - this is a huge exp boost for leveling any job up to 60 and lasts 90 days from the day of character creation. Great for catching up several jobs just before Shadowbringers.

For existing characters being transferred:

  • From congested worlds, transfers to preferred worlds are FREE. This was a major selling point for us. We do not want to make our members pay money to transfer to a new server. By choosing Siren, everyone will be able to transfer for free.

  • Housing- If you own a personal house, or apartment, there are incentives to transfer as well. Owning an apartment when you initiate the transfer will reimburse you the 500k gil for purchase, as well as an additional 500k for items placed in the room. You don’t even need to place items in the apartment to get this bonus.

MY RECOMMENDATION: If you can afford the 500k for an apartment, buy one BEFORE transferring. You’ll get 500k for free!!!

We do not have an FC house on Siren yet. However, the auto demolition for inactive plots has gone into effect and TONS of plots are opening up. We will be actively seeking out plots to purchase and will do our best to snatch one up. We may even size up to a medium or large :slight_smile: Siren has a much smaller population, so we should not have the same issues we did finding housing on Cactuar.

I don’t want to leave Cactuar. What can I do?

We understand if people have reasons for wanting to stay on Cactuar. The decision to leave was not made lightly. If you wish to stay on Cactuar, please feel free to continue to be a part of the community and stay in the CWLS, as well as participate in events and raids/etc, but the Evolved FC on Cactuar will no longer be maintained.

Next Steps:

As of now, an Evolved FC has been created on Siren and is ready for players to join. If you wish to continue playing with us, please start the transfer process as soon as possible.

Once you’re on Siren, please post in discord or contact an officer to get an invite.

I will keep Aori on Cactuar as the FC leader to facilitate the transition process for 1-2 weeks. After then, I’ll have assumed anyone who has not yet transferred does not wish to join us on Siren. At that point I’m going to be selling the FC + house before transferring myself so I can afford to buy us housing on Siren.

Thank you everyone for sticking with us through the crazy stuff we’ve had to deal with. We hope you’ll understand our decision to move and join us for Shadowbringers!



Wow, from preferred to congested in just a few weeks :frowning:

That certainly didn’t take long. I guess I should not have hesitated. I’ll keep checking back once and again for the server to be open.

finally got a server transfer to siren, had to do it as servers came back from maintenance

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Siren is accepting transfers again! Now is the time to join us!