Evolved Friday Fun Themes!

So with the success and fun of the impromptu Feline Friday last week, we wanted to start doing weekly Friday themes to kick off the weekend and give us a chance to share some pictures, memes, or just goof around in General chat as we await the weekend to start. Just something for us to have some fun with! :smiley:

I’ll post the upcoming themes here and remind people about them. If you have any ideas for future weeks, message me on Discord!

11/22 Fido Friday! Share some pictures of your dog, dog memes, random ugly dog you walked past, etc!

11/29 Food Friday! With Thanksgiving being this week, share some pictures of your awesome food creations, maybe some recipes, cocktail pictures, Thanksgiving memes, and of course all our awesome Canadians can share some from their Thanksgiving last month! <3