Evolved Gaming Network EVLVD (Steam Group)

Hey folks we are 27 strong in our Steam Community group. Very nice to see. Here is the link and recent announcement for you. If interested just join up and you can see who plays the same games as you and all that good stuff.

Hey everyone!


So cool we are 27 strong on here. Just an update as I’ll be trying to maintain this a bit better moving forward.

Our Destiny 2 Evolved Clan (in game) has about 10+ now I think. I see a few have moved on to other things, but we have been playing quite a bit the past few weeks. If interested since the switch to steam please let us know.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is released this week Nov 5th, through a number of digital retailers including Rockstars launcher, Green man gaming, etc but the release for steam will be delayed until December. If you are waiting until then no worries, Online usually lets people group up no matter the level disparity. Find us in the Red Dead 2 Channel in discord to watch some live action for some good laughs.

Other than that Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Nov 15th, and Planet Zoo also Nov 5th are the upcoming anticipated releases. Let us know if there are games on your radar we should be watching. Thank you, everyone, for making gaming so much fun!

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I’ve heard tale that finding us through steam client isn’t so easy so I’m looking into that. Until then the Steam website works ok for joining up.