Evolved Meetups!

Hi all! I volunteered to help plan some meetups and I’d like to know if you’re interested!
If you are: Either respond to this topic with your interest and general location, OR hit me up on Discord (I’m Julie Burton).

Thanks in advance and I look forward to meeting some of y’all! :slight_smile:

<----- I’m in

Going to make a discord chat for this Julie. I’ll get with you tonight!

I think BlizzCon could be a big draw and fun event I have went once before, and even if you do not purchase the event tickets, there are plenty of things to do in the area with really easy transportation. Plus since Anaheim is where Disney World is, there are lots of vacation packages and other deals

I’d be interested at some point next year. Blizzcon does sound like a good idea… I’m in Virginia for what it’s worth.

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Sounds interesting, Blizzcon is a bit costly for some of us. I think a meetup in a cafe, small restaurant, or park would be awesome. I’m in NY, Brooklyn.