Evolved Weekly Screenshot Contest

Hello fellow FFXIV members,

Our Freecompany will be putting together a weekly screenshot contest for those of you interested in expressing your more artistic side. Since this is an activity everyone in the freecompany is able to participate in I look forward to seeing what everyone can come up with. There will be a theme for the week posted in discord that you will need to aim for when creating your screenshot. Examples: “Under the Sea” “My Little Buddy” “Rest and Relaxation” or “Casual Friday”. With that said there will be some rules to help keep everything both fun and fair.

Contest Rules

  1. Keep it PG (skimpy clothes are OK just no inappropriate poses or something that may offend others)
  2. Only one screenshot per applicant.
  3. NO voting for your own picture.
  4. Keep it under 8 MB (Unless you pay for Discord your picture wont go through if its over 8 MB)
  5. Only FFXIV Member’s votes will count (everyone with @FFXIV tag) Other games can still vote they just wont count toward contest winner
  6. You only get ONE VOTE

1st Place Prize - 100,000 gil
2nd Place Prize - 50,000 gil
(Ties will be split between the individuals - example: 1st place 2 way tie both get 50k)
(Winner will receive prize through in-game mail or trade if on another server)

How to Submit a Screenshot
Send a direct message to @Sketchie(FFXIV)(XO) in discord containing the following info

  1. The Theme of the contest
  2. In-Game character name
  3. ** Screenshot **


How to Vote

  1. Screenshots will be posted all at once in discord a full 24 hours before the “Week” ends
  2. Find one in the list you like (following the rules above)
  3. Use a discord image Reaction to that picture

Helpful Things to Know

SquareEnix has put a handy tool in the game known as /grouppose or /gpose (guide to follow) I would suggest using this to help get that perfect angle/filter/emote/lighting that will help make your picture that much better.

Consider more than just your character’s clothes. Think about the background / lighting / pose all these things can affect how well your screenshot turns out.

/Gpose Basics Guide

How to access
Type in chat /grouppose or /gpose alternativly you can go into Actions and Traits > Extras > Grouppose

Keyboard Controls
A - Rotate Camera Counterclockwise
D - Rotate Camera Clockwise
W - Tilt Camera Up
S - Tilt Camera Down
Mouse Wheel up - Zoom-in on Target
Mouse Wheel Down - Zoom-out on Target

Gamepad Controls
You can move the camera with the left stick whereas the right stick rotates and tilts the camera. If you want to zoom further in or out, you can do that by adjusting the Angle of View Settings under the General Settings.

Once in /grouppose you can hit the * on numpad to access more options.

image Face Camera: Keyboard/Gamepad - Spacebar/Triangle - This causes your character to look at the camera (if angle allows)

image Cemera Lighting 1: Keyboard/Gamepad “X”/[R1] - Lights up the area around your character using settings for lighting 1 in light section.

image Enable/Dissable All Motion: Keyboard/Gampad - “1”/[L2] - Stops and starts the emote/attack animation for self, pets, mounts, and minions.

image Enable DIssable Target Motion: Keyboard/Gamepad - “2”/[R2] - Stops and starts the emote/attack animation of your target.

image Stop Wheather/Time - Need more time to perfect the angle of those “God Rays” streaking through the trees or getting the moon perfectly centered over the castle or waterfall in the background?

image Toggle Battle Effects On/Off - Someone fighting a baddy off in the distance? no more spell effects messing up your screenshot.

image General Settings - Add filters and special effects to enhance your screenshot.

image Effect / Frame Settings - Add status effect animations or a nice frame/boarder to add some style.

image Lighting Settings - Add some additional moon lighting or crate dramatic shadows to help make you screenshot pop.

image Motion Settings - This is where all those great emotes will be.

Additionally you are able to change targets (currently selected target is displayed at the bottom left) Can switch between your character, your minions, your pets/summons, your companion.

When you put it all together you can get something like this. (ignore that gun holding style…)

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