Evolved Year 3 Recap!

Happy Year 3 Evolved!!!

3 years on and we are still going strong! Prior to Evolved, some of us have even been gaming together for over 8 years. The 2020-2021 year was interesting to say the least. Many of us were still on lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic for the majority of the year. For some this was a blessing to be able to work at home and increase gaming time; for others months on end with job instability was very difficult. Many of us work in varying industries and Evolved would like to thank health practitioners (doctors, nurses, emt’s, etc.) for their hard work towards assisting and healing people. We would also like to thank those who kept essential businesses and services going as well.

Evolved had intentions of our yearly get together in Orlando… But Covid-19 delta variant struck, and we decided to stay it safe this year again to avoid furthering the spread, especially for any medically fragile members. Plus, it was really tough on people’s wallets. It’s surreal to have lived through a pandemic, sometimes I feel like this is only something read about in books, but here we are. Hopefully, there will be a light at the end of the tunnel soon. As we all very much want to meet up in person, like in Vegas 2019! When we do, it’ll be one hell of a party!

Year 3 brought the establishment of Classic on the Pagle server, Alliance faction. Cataclysm helped establish a strong, friendly community who also does well with raiding Burning Crusade content. Currently, this guild is led by Scybil (GL) and SwordNBoard (XO). The Wow-Alliance Retail guild on Proudmoore is still going strong with Isilaura (GL) at the helm and Helzer (Xo) assisting her. Throughout the Shadowlands expansion they have had 3-2 full raiding teams. Eskey took over leadership of the Wow Horde guild on Area 52 which also had on average 3-2 raiding teams for Shadowlands.

During the summer, it was revealed to the public that Blizzard is encountering a lawsuit (for various, serious reasons that I won’t go into depth here) but this left many players uneasy on whether they wanted to continue supporting the corporation or move on to something else. Unfortunately, this created some lossed in the gaming community. However, it also created an opportunity to revitalize FFXIV (led by Markus) and to establish New World (led by Mintolos).

What we hope for the coming year is that Evolved continues to grow with the games that we offer to our players and that our current communities remain strong. There are many games out there that we have minimal to 0 presence in and we hope that you can help us expand and grow.

Here are a few member quotes about favorite memories with Evolved:

I’d have to say my favorite memory is a few weeks ago after raid, most people stuck around and we all got drunk and ran around Azeroth killing elites and doing dungeons. We ended up playing a couple more games that night, but I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time! - Guinevere

So, there was this game called Among Us. Basically I loved killing people, and for two weeks I boasted how good of an Imposter I was…


10 man game, someone pushes the button –

Random-“I saw Eskey jump in a vent”
Eskey-“No the heck you didn’t!”
Random-“Who are you going to believe, me or him??”
Eskey (Stumbles on words for .0005 of a second- *Eskey has been ejected"

So many fun nights in that game, but you have to be dumb and smart at the same time, I was always just a little too dumb it seems. - Eskey

My favorite memory was my raid group realizing that both my cats were named after members of my raid team, and it wasn’t even on purpose. Izzy is 8 years old, and Tobi is almost 3. -Buji

Hadn’t been doing heavy FFXIV long, but We’ve taken up doing old raids and trials recently and it’s been fun going into this content with some very experienced players and some complete newbs (me) and watching us either demolish an old raid or get our butts handed to us repeatedly when a mechanic heavy fight actually makes us learn. It’s also been great getting to play with former friends from other games who came this way while getting to know those that were already in FFXIV.

I wish I could share a specific memory, I just don’t have one… there have been many great moments… but it’s the overall feeling I get being a part of Evolved that is what makes it so great.Before I found you guys… I was lost in the “in between”… a inferior guild had fallen apart. It was all I knew at that time… so I just played solo for 2 expansions… and it really made the game feel hollow. I decided before Shadowlands came out, I’d make an effort to find some place that fit my schedule and attitude… that’s when I found Evolved.