Evolved's 2nd Anniversary Transmog/Glamour Screenshot Contest!

With the Evolved 2nd Anniversary right around the corner, it’s time for another fun forum contest! This contest is all about showing off your Evolved spirit in any game by wearing an outfit composed of our colors(teal and black)! The game, setting, location is completely up to you so feel free to have some fun and show off your amazing screenshot taking skills!

Rules are simple, send Star a screenshot of your character wearing your favorite transmog/glamour wearing the Evolved colors in any of the many games we play in Evolved. The deadline to submit screenshots to Star is September 15. After that, they will be all posted on the forums for us to vote on the winner!


Thanks everyone who submitted your screenshots for this contest! Seriously you guys all did awesome and it was exciting to see each entry and how you chose to use the Evolved color theme in it!

And onto the entries! Please vote for which screenshot you feel best show’s off Evolved spirit and meets the requirements of the contest, or just the one you think looks cool, goofy, silly, or whatever! :stuck_out_tongue: Voting closes on Friday 9/18 at 7:15 pm MDT and the winner will be announced during the Evolved Anniversary Bash!

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And I want to give an Honorable Mention/Shout out to the FFXIV group for their awesome group themed screenshots they did. I love how they turned out!

FFXIV group1



These all look awesome guys - I’m sorry I couldn’t vote for them all!

That group shot is amazing !!!

Congrats @Somefrost for the amazing screenshot you took! It turned out fantastic!

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