Expectations and Reminders

There will be a Raid Meeting 30 mins prior to raid start time (6 pm PST/server). If you have questions about the below (pertaining to raid), that would be the place to ask. Or send me or any officer a DM. Thanks.

Hey all - this post is going to be an attempt to address issues I and the officer team have observed over the past few months - and perhaps going back even longer.

Real life is rough for everyone, even if to varying degrees. The past year and a half have worn on us all. The Blizzard lawsuit just piled on top of that. And through it all, we’ve continued on - but we’ve kind of just coasted as-is and minor problems that we have let roll by have added up.

Personal responsibility and manners are a big part of interacting with a community. Some of the below will be reminders of rules and expectations we already have in place. Some might be new iterations. But here we go:


Please utilize Discord. Use it for your groups, use it for hanging out, use it to post silly memes - just use it. And encourage others to do the same. Be part of the community.

Discord Party channels - all are welcome to join in on any Party channel but be respectful if the channel is already being used.

  • Anyone and everyone should feel like they can join any of the Party channels at any time - even if a group is already going. BUT if (for example) a dungeon group is actively running a key - be respectful when you enter the channel. Feel free to say hey and listen to the key being ran or ask them to stream it so you can watch. Participate in the conversation if it is a conversation, and not dungeon callouts. If more people start to join and full conversations are starting to take place over the original group - please take the new conversation to another channel if asked (or take it upon yourself to do so).

  • We are a mature server - so we do allow cursing/cussing. Please watch out for excessive cursing though - especially when hanging in Lounge, but this applies to all channels. It should not be every other word of your sentence. Thanks!


Post your keys up in guild to build groups and feel free to X up for posted keys. What else is a guild for, if not to do content with fellow members? BUT know your capabilities as well as your limitations and do not expect the guild to “owe” you a key.

  • Know what ilvl is appropriate for what key level.

  • Know the dungeon - if it’s a higher key and you know you don’t have the dungeon/affix knowledge to do it - go run it on lower keys until you do (or do your research on WoWhead, etc).

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions if it’s a dungeon or mechanic/affix you’re unfamiliar with. (I just finally learned this month what and how Necrolords contribute to the group in Plaguefall - thanks Rickyd :slight_smile: ) But also do your own research if there is something specific that you are struggling with.

  • If you do X up - be prepared to take no for an answer and not take it personally. If a group is trying to time a key and you X up for it but are undergeared/underexperienced - they are not obligated to say yes.

    –If you are a member having to say no to someone - I expect that you are not going to be an asshole when you decline. Explain why - either due to ilvl, how hard the key/affix combo is, low dungeon knowledge, etc. Use that “no” for a conversation.

That’s not to say “carry groups”/learning groups won’t post up and take you regardless of your ilvl/experience - but do not expect this to be the status quo.

We are working on getting M+ Mingle Nights going again (run/organized by Varneth) - these have generally been well-received and just a fun thing to do, so I hope to see plenty of participation when we get them back on the calendar soon.

Raid - One Guild, One Roster, One Team

We may run two teams but they exist with the mindset that there is ONE raid team in Evolved. If we can’t set both groups up for success, we are failing our ONE team.

Sign up, Show up
If you are signing up to raid, you are saying that, “If I’m available to raid IRL, I’ll be online and raiding with the team”. Real Life will always come first - it’s why we don’t have mandatory attendance and allow people to join in for 1-3 nights a week depending on their Real Life schedule. We understand that raid burnout may occur and you might want to do something else with your time online. If this is ever the case - take a whole week off at a time. This will minimize impact to the teams and to your officers trying to solidify their expectations for a raid night. Don’t become frustrated two nights in and not show up for the 3rd night but still be online. It’s disrespectful and just an overall shitty thing to do. Sign up to raid, show up to raid.

If you can’t show up due to real life, please post out in the #raid-sign-up-and absence channel so we know what to expect. If you need to DM the raid leader/raid assist with more specific details than you want to share in the public channel, do so but then also go post in the Discord channel so the whole Officer team has a notification of your absence. If you are one of our members that has let us know the specific days they are available (ex: Tues/Sat, but never Friday) and that changes, please update us.

Raid Success and Removals

Raiding in WoW (in any MMO) is TEAM content. Being on any team comes with an unsaid agreement that you contribute to the overall success of the team. We have been lax on some of our existing rules/strategies for dealing with raid roadblocks but going forward as an Officer team, we are promising to be better about utilizing what is already in place. That includes removing raiders when we need to in order to get bosses down. This is not a change - this is utilizing our existing rules for what we should have been doing all along in order to continue to respect the entire team’s time and efforts.

Progression Bosses
Every progression fight will pose a problem for any guild. A team effort is required to killing bosses especially during progression. A handful of individuals cannot carry the group to success. There will be times where we will have to remove or add raiders based on their knowledge of mechanics pertaining to your class/spec such as DPS/dmg done, healing abilities, or tanking abilities. Please don’t take this to heart, we all want to have a successful raid.

Raiding requires a certain amount of commitment. We will address the situation(s) as they arise during both progression and farm. Every member is expected to learn the boss mechanics. Repeated failure of mechanics will result in removal from a boss fight. We will always go for a minimum of three attempts on any bosses with all raiders before removing. Please have the personal responsibility to remove yourself if you know you are not meeting expectations for a specific boss. Respect the time of your raid team members.

When learning new content its always harder to judge what level of DPS/Damage Done or Healing or Tanking that is needed to down a boss. For this we will be using various websites, guides, and our own learning to move forward. With this in mind we will be removing underperforming raiders. If you are removed please either remain in channel in case called back in or log out a calm manner. Get with your Raid leader after raid as they will explain why you were removed.

  • Fatescribe It has been many tiers since we’ve run into a boss designed to wipe the group if one team member fails a mechanic. Fatescribe is one such boss. The above rules apply to any boss, but if Fatescribe takes more than 1-3 pulls (RL discretion) we will be shrinking to 15 players in order to minimize the impact to our raid night and to our raid team’s morale. The scaling at 15 players on Fatescribe reduces the number of runes that need to be run at one time, which reduces the number of opportunities for failure. If you are asked to sit, you are welcome back on the next boss. Shrinking the raid for Fatescribe will allow us to minimize the time we spend on this particular roadblock.

Personal Responsibility

From Raid Rules & Etiquette :slight_smile:

Know your class role on a raid
Some of you are new to raiding or are playing a new class/spec for the tier. Learn your class/spec pertaining to raiding and what is expected of you. Know the boss mechanics of normal and heroic that pertain to your class/spec. Don’t wait until raid time to figure it out! If you have any questions at all, get with the Raid Leader, Officers or other raiders as soon as possible during a non-raiding time. Everyone is willing to assist you.

After the Raid
This is the time when you ask/post the questions that you had in mind, restock your raid bags, and repair (if you won’t be on till next raid). Take this time to get with the Raid Leader/Raid Leader Assistant or any other raider and discuss tactics and issues relating to your class/role in the raid if you wish. Most officers tend to hang around a little bit after a raid and are more than eager to help you with your issues/questions.

Also refer to the Keeping the Raider Rank section of the same post.

If you struggle with your spec or with specific mechanics - you should be taking it upon yourself to find ways to improve. Recognize your struggles and improve on them - always be working to improve. That’s what this game is - improving on dmg/healing/tanking with better gear/skill/rotation/experience- always improving.

  • If you sign up with a specific spec, we expect that you are able to raid with it at the level of skill required for the content. If you need assistance to improve, feel free to reach out. We are more than willing to look with you at logs, WoWAnalyzer, and point you to resources you can use to improve.

    – Examples of issues: If you are a DPS - your dps should at minimum be above the tank. If you are a HEAL - you should be using a raid appropriate healing spec. If you are a TANK - you should know when to utilize your dmg reduction cd’s - not just be using them on cooldown.

  • You are required to be familiar with mechanics - watch videos (multiple videos, from varying Points of View, if needed), read raid strategies on whatever site you prefer, but do the pre-requisite of being familiar with a boss before you join the team to fight it. Heroic is not where we teach mechanics that should have been learned in Normal. And even for Normal, you should have some idea of the fight prior to even stepping in. Raid Leaders will always give a basic explanation of the fight - but they are there to LEAD not to teach. Do not be afraid to ask questions if you are confused by a mechanic - mechanics can be effing confusing. But if the answer does not solidify your understanding, be willing to put in the work to improve your understanding. You should not be consistently dying to the same mechanic every time we visit a boss, especially two months into the tier.

  • You are responsible for your own improvement. We are here to help, but we cannot do it for you. Help us help you. We monitor performance week-to-week (always have) - but if we do not see improvement week to week, you may be asked to sit until we see improvement. If this happens, let your Raid Leader know when you can attend an Open Raid (or if Sunday’s will never work for you - schedule a conversation with your Raid Leader and discuss what you’ve worked on to improve) and we will re-evaluate.

  • If you’re looking for a great resource for improvement on our forums, check this link Dungeon & Raid Performances. It is from 2018 and probably could use a few updates, but the message and most of the resources we use now are still the same.

We want everyone that wants to raid to be able to raid, but signing up to raid means you have an unspoken agreement with the rest of the team that you will work on yourself to improve, keep up with gear, and know the mechanics of a fight (among other things). Respect your teammates.

We are more than willing to help but we will also be utilizing our existing tools and strategies in place more consistently going forward.

If you have questions about this post, feel free to DM me or any officer.

Thanks everyone.