Farming for Feasts - 8.2 Edition

Feasts are helpful tools that our guild can use to gain an extra edge in more difficult content.

As you can imagine it takes time to gather materials to make these wonderfully helpful items.

If you have a desire to go out into the world and gather the materials needed to create these items then look no further. If you want to gather and cook these feasts yourself or just get ingredients towards making them then follow along for more info.

As shown by the picture above there is alot that goes into creating a feast.
The rank 3 requires:
15x Viper Fish
15x Ionized Minnow
15x Stringy Loins
15x Meaty Haunch
30x Fresh Potato
1x S.P.A.R.E. Crate

All this just to make one.

Some of these items are soulbound and so can only be farmed by the feast maker. More on those below. But first, these 3 items can be farmed by anyone and contributed to the guild bank.

Viper Fish
You are able to fish these in any body of water in Nazjatar. The easiest is the pool right next to the Zuldazar portal in Newhome:

Stringy Loins
These will be a drop item from the Deer and Hyena’s in the area of Vuldune.

Your Kill Targets
The location shown below is an infinite spawn (there will always be something to kill / no waiting on respawn)

Meaty Haunch
These will be a drop item from the Vicious War Crawg located in Nazmir.

Your Kill Target

The location shown below is an infinite spawn (there will always be something to kill / no waiting on respawn)

Cooking Feasts
If your BFA cooking is leveled and you have spare Spare Parts (what?) you can contribute by cooking as well!

First thing is to obtain the rank 3 recipe. Rank 1 can be bought from cooking trainer in Newhome. Rank 2 is bought from the Rustbolt Resistance emissary in mechagon once you have Exalted. Rank 3 is a drop from random trash within the Operation: Mechagon dungeon. It often drops before even reaching the first boss.

Now for the soulbound items:

Ionized Minnow
Talk to Danielle Anglers in Mechagon to barrow the Mini Vac (you will have to complete her short questline first). Then circle the island and use the mini vac on any small fishing patches you see along the shore. You’ll get about 20 per vac and have more than enough in no time. This where Danielle is:

S.P.A.R.E. Crates
It takes 250 Spare Parts to make a crate. In addition to getting them from your regular mechagon dailies, if you do want to farm the best place is the elites in Junkwatt Depot, so you can gather recycling parts to turn in at the same time.

Fresh potato is simply bought from a vendor.
A Horde friendly vendor is located below.

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