FC Meeting 10/19/2020

Topics covered:

Our Halloween Picture contest, details can be found in announcements in discord

Raiding and the change to start doing things outside of the FC
If interested in raiding, contact Jin, Rilid or Shibbityshwa.
Sunday Open raiding will be used as a trial for new players joining.
Will be developing a reserve roster, once we have 4 active reserve we’ll begin working on making a
2nd raid team.

Event nights are being modified due to lack of participation
We do want to start adding people outside the FC to help with recruiting so party finders will be a
thing on event nights now
Will be making more focused nights and events to coincide with raid nights.

@Shibbityshwa will be doing a survey soon to members to find availability and for suggestions for the FC
This will help us figure out when the best time to plan events for and what events to work on
alongside other interesting topics.

Let your friends know about us and see if they want to join Evolved.
Grummy likes to be loved