FC Meeting Notes 2/16/2020

Greet New People

Nicodemus Aragao - jeremy2461

Greetings from officers - Officer positions open for those interested in a possible leadership position

5.2 updates

Fishing Raid, new raids, Diadem changes (5.21), Ishgard Restoration

Night events - We do night events, as voluntary group events so you can do things together with the FC and Fellowship

Raid Teams - Rilid

Raid Leaders needed, 3 planned nights 2 of which are with set teams and one open for anyone to participate in

Raid night is only for current content, EX trials and Eden.

Event Night - Markus

Roulette events, Mount farms, old raids (8 man and 24 man), the new things boating fishing, when it comes out diadem, Eureka. Current plan is to randomly select one and announce which will happen on the night long before hand.

Might need to reassess what nights we’re doing for event night, as an FC do we want to have raid night the same night as an event night? If not we have 6 nights of events, otherwise we have somewhere between 3-5

Blue Mage Night - Rilid

Night to either get skills or complete complex challenges as a BLU and any other possible limited job that comes up, separate from event night because BLU is far more niche

Goal to use forums more frequently
For Members- We have the forums as a place to discuss things of a bit more permanence and has a lot more options. It would be nice to have a record of things we have done so we can celebrate them and share successes as a group.