FC wide Halloween Decor Picture Contest! Leading to the Haunted Basement Decoration!

It’s nearly all Hallow’s Eve, and to celebrate the coming Halloween or as we know it All Saint’s Wake we’re going to have a picture contest. But not any picture contest, its of housing decoration skills. So decorate your FC housing room to your best ability or a single room in your personal house and send the pictures to @Trekkie_zero#5430, @Rilid#6963 or @Markus Eldritch#2140 we’ll be posting the pictures anonymously to be voted on after Friday 10/23/20 with all votes Tallied the Sunday after.

The winner and runner up will be designing our haunted house downstairs in the FC house, though just because the winner is getting to decorate the house does not mean this is just limited to the FC all members who have the FFXIV role are welcome to participate.