FFXIV Chapter Meeting Notes

Hello and welcome to the first FFXIV Chapter Meeting. Would like to take this time to explain to everyone what happened and what we are attempting to do to get FFXIV back on track and reboot it. We hope that all of the information will assist you.

Change in Guild status to chapter

  • What it means is that there is no longer a Guild leadership. For those that dont know what Guild Leadership means is that it no longer has a GL, XO and RO. The 3 main leadership roles we require to have a Guild with in our community.

  • By changing to a Chapter it means that we only have 1 leadership role called a Chapter leader. This person is the overall leader of the chapter with no other leadership. They are now under a overall chapter charter that can be found in the Evolved Casual Gaming and Chapter Creation Overview

What will happen if FFXIV declines

  • Drops to Casual Gaming. Sad thing is that some times games do fall off. Lack of interest is always a crappy factor in any game. Chapter leader looses interest we might have to drop it to casual gaming which then goes to the gaming section and is just a side game that people play when new content comes out for a bit.

  • Just like all of the games we have on our side games like WoW Classic and ESO we are always looking for members to reboot these games as well as any other games that might be coming out. for more info on rebooting or starting any games please contact Cataclysm and Taevarth and read the Evolved Casual Gaming and Chapter Creation Overview

We are looking for a Chapter leader and what it will entitle

  • Passion, Drive and Motivation. The key ingredients in what we are looking for. Some one that can reboot the chapter by recruitment and gaining more activity in FFXIV to bring it back to life and move it forward into guild status.

  • Lots of work goes into being a chapter leader and they can always use assistance in recruitment by bumping forums / reddit as well as in game recruitment.

  • We are pleased to announce that we have found a Chapter leader looking to take on these responsibility’s and that is Markcus. Congrats.

Now a Word from Markcus

Thanks to Rilid, Trekkie_zero, and our FFXIV officers for their leadership and assistance in making the Evolved FFXIV community grow

Moving forward as a chapter FFXIV will see a few changes, hopefully over time these changes will help the chapter grow larger and become a better place for Final Fantasy players to enjoy

Shift our focus: During the last several months that FFXIV was a full guild, our primary focus was on raiding, essentially abandoning our non-raiding players. From here on we will try to develop an active community in the chapter that anyone can join, throughout most phases of the game. Whether you’re a new player or a veteran omnicrafter we will try to give something that everyone can enjoy.

Reestablish Event Nights: Starting soon there will be event nights occurring more often, at different times and on different days, to give players something to do with the community, some examples are doing Treasure Maps, mount farms, gear grinds, and transmog grinds

Rework recruiting tactics: Draft up a new and improved recruitment post that can be spread around Reddit, FFXIV recruitment discords, FFXIV forums, and more. Possibly do community events in game to help advertise about Evolved, and mayhap poke random folk loitering in the main cities.