FFXIV FC Meeting Notes 08/18/21

Welcome the new folks:

  • We want to give a big welcome to everyone new to FFXIV, or new to Evolved! It’s been exciting seeing so many people returning to or trying FFXIV for the first time. The growth in the game over the past few months has been great. We are looking forward to getting the chance to experience the game with all of our amazing members and can’t wait to see what adventures we have as a Free Company in Final Fantasy 14.
    Introduction to Current Leadership/Officers:
  • Markus: Hello everyone, many of you have probably had some sort of interaction with me already, but for those who haven’t I am the Chapter Leader of the FFXIV Chapter. I’ve been with Evolved since August of 2019, so I’ve been with the group for 2 years now, been with the FFXIV side of Evolved since mid August of 2019, and been a member of the officer core since fall of 2019.
  • Star: Hi, for those of you that don’t know me, I’m Star! I’ve been assisting Markus since he took over as Chapter Leader for FFXIV as much as I can. I’ve been playing FF on and off since the game was released and have always really loved the game. I am a super slow leveler and am still not even finished with Shadowbringers, but seriously the story has gotten amazing and I can’t wait to see the ending!
  • FFXIV has been growing at an incredible rate. Just a couple months ago we had maybe 10 active players, now we’re nearing 30 or more active. It’s great seeing so many people in the game, asking questions in FC chat or on Discord. We want to give a big thanks to all our veteran members who have been a huge help with all the new sprouts in the game! Make sure to ask if you have questions, group up for roulettes/dungeons, or just see if anyone is interested in doing stuff. There is a ton of content in FFXIV, but the level sync feature makes it great for higher levels to be able to help out at any time.
  • As you have noticed though, there have definitely been some growing pains. Sadly with only a few active officers, there has been more of a longer wait for invites and we thank everyone for being patient.

FFXIV Plans and Goals:

  • We put out a google survey a few weeks ago to get an idea of availability for events as well as just to get an idea of what kind of events/activites everyone would be interested in doing. Big thanks to everyone that filled it out already, and if you haven’t, the link is pinned in the FFXIV chat and will be posted with the notes after the meeting.

    • But for a quick overview of the results so far is that it looks like Wed/Thurs at 6 pm PST is the time most of you are available. Sat/Sun during the day also got quite a few votes.
    • As for activities, both ARR and current raids got a ton of votes. We have quite a few people interested in doing the Deep Dungeons:PotD and Heave on High and Treasure maps. But obviously that doesn’t mean those are the only things we plan to do. We’d love to have a variety of events for those that enjoy the different aspects of the game.
    • Link to survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfkiBauA027WvWESAHSjiWGMrVwSa8ixetI72FUKiIN_nu6Yg/viewform
  • One of our main goals as a FC is to hopefully get more events going forward, and these are a few examples of what events we can do.

    • Roulettes: Basic set of random duties you can do every day in about 1.5-2hrs. Great way to get xp, run some stuff with guildies. Most require you to be level 50, however there are a couple you can do as early as level 16 and you complete the first 2 dungeons.
    • Deep Dungeons (PotD/HoH): Randomly generated duties used for leveling, easy, mostly entertaining, and a great way to learn new jobs at levels 60/70. 9 randomly generated floors of interconnected square roms with enemies, traps, and treasure, followed by a boss floor. (Torghast was heavily inspired by, if not based on, these dungeons)
    • Treasure Maps: A great way of making money without being an omnicrafter, and a good source of the mats to make different glamour pieces, and pets. You go to a spot marked on the map (you have to find it, you’re given just a little snippet of the zone’s map with a X on it) and you find a treasure chest, fight off enemies protecting it, and can possibly open a map dungeon for even greater loot.
    • Mount Farms: In each expansion there are a bunch of Trials that you complete, just a big boss fight. At the end of each expansion the “Extreme” versions of these fights become available, with increased difficulty, more mechanics, and greater loot. Each of these EX Trials has the chance of dropping an item that summons a special mount, collect them all and you can unlock another special mount as a reward (Golden Horse, Golden Phoenix, Seven Tailed Fox, and Mecha-Dragon)
    • Raids: The ARR raids are more story based than any of the ones that came after, and as such function a little differently than the rest. They’re pretty much an altered dungeon with fewer bosses but those bosses are harder than standard dungeon bosses. HW Raids are similar, but shorter. SB and ShB raids are literally just a giant boss fight, they tend to take about 10-15 minutes for a single boss fight. There is also the “Savage” Version of each raid that functions similar to the mythics from WoW, much harder, better loot.
    • Alliance Raids: These are closer to what most think of when we say Raids. 3 parties of 8 players (24 Total) go through a huge dungeon with 6-9 stages throughout the raid. These stages can be large rooms full of small-fry or full-scale boss fights with different mechanics for each party (A, B, C) They can have some great gear for current content, just below BiS, and can often be great for glamour items.
  • But, with all of these different types of events, we need more officers to be able to help organize and run them. As well as it would be useful to just have a few more officers for various other roles. Some of the different officers and what their jobs would be are:

    • Crafting officer (manages the company workshop)
    • Raid Leader/officer
    • Event officers to help inform about what kinds of events there are, and to help coordinate weekly events
    • If you are interested in becoming an officer for FFXIV, please reach out to Markus or Star to chat and get more information! And, if you would be interested in running an event like the ones mentioned already, you DO NOT have to be an officer to do that. Just get in touch with one of us and we can help you set stuff up. Any of our members are welcome to run stuff and we will happily help give you the support to do it.
  • Currently, FFXIV is considered a Chapter in Evolved. Basically that means we have less active players then those with guild status and instead of having the GL,XO,RO leadership that most of you are familiar with, Chapters only have a Chapter leader. In our case, that would be Markus. Right now, FFXIV has the active members to get Guild Status…but there are a few requirements we don’t have. To move up from Chapter to Guild, we would need an Executive Officer (XO) and a Recruitment Officer (RO). If anyone would be interested in learning more about those roles or would consider taking them on, reach out to Markus. Now, even if FFXIV only stays a Chapter in Evolved, it doesn’t mean that we can’t continue growing, doing events, and just having fun with the members in our community.

  • Thanks for being patient everyone, I know things have been slow the past few weeks as our numbers have skyrocketed but we have been working behind the scenes to try and get things organized and ready to move forward!

  • Endwalker is coming Nov. 23rd, but do not worry about rushing to get to EW before it releases, take your time and enjoy the game

Questions and Answers! If anyone has any questions or suggestions, feel free and speak up now. You can ask in voice chat, Discord chat, or message Markus or Star if you prefer!

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