FFXIV General Information Guide

This is the starting point to gather information and create something where everyone can find out what they are looking for and go from there. We will attempt to keep this updated and make it easy for people to follow and understand.

Table of Contents

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Joining the Free Company and When to create new toons

Joining the Free Company

Siren is the world we play on, on the Aether Data Center. The Free Company house is located on Plot 36, 21 Ward, The Lavender Beds. There is a sign you can sign up on. We would like you to use the #ffxiv-chat on discord to get our attention faster.

Alternatively if you know the name of someone online in game that is the the FC, you can search for them, find their user page and look for the FC there to apply

Please note upon joining the FC we would like you to set you note to your forum name for tracking purposes.

When to create new toons

As of writing this (8/30/21) all Aether worlds are marked as “Congested” preventing new character creation. Unfortunately this means that unless you already have a character where the FC is located, you will be unable to join us at this time. You can create a character on one of the other data centers and transfer once the congested status is lifted, but we do not know when that will be. Also note that one of the features of the upcoming expansion is “Data Center Travel” which will allow you to travel to and play with friends on other data centers. Until that feature is added, however, you’ll be unable to travel to Siren to play with us.

Siren is the world we play on, on the Aether Data Center.

As FFXIV has increased in popularity, the server is often locked down during peak hours preventing new character creation.

You can check the status here: https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/worldstatus/

If the little person icon next to Siren is red, character creation is locked. If it’s green, you can create.

It’s best to try either early in the morning or later at night. Some also recommend refreshing constantly until it works.

Leveling, MSQ and Side Quests

If you’re looking for tips on how to level up the fastest and most efficient ways, then luckily for you we’ve lined up some great and useful tips for you in our FFXIV leveling guide!

  • EXP buffs from food
    • To start off, if you want more EXP (Experience Points) from absolutely everything, there are ways to get it passively. The first way is by eating Food within the game. Don’t worry, any food will do so it won’t break your bank.
  • Log out in a Sanctuary
    • As per most MMOs, if you log out in a safe area like a Sanctuary or town, you will receive a boost to your EXP earnt the longer you stay there. So if you have a feeling you’re not playing for a while, or going on holiday, make sure you log out somewhere safe!

Main Story Quests

Now, onto the main meat of this FFXIV leveling guide. The biggest source of EXP by far is going to be the main story quests. These will net you the most, especially in the beginning of the game. About level 30 you will run out of these, so if this is your first character you will want to experience them for the story, as well as the giant amounts of EXP. They will also guide you through to different areas, as well as to Guildhests that you can partake in.

Chronologically, the Main Scenario Quests are divided as follows:

Each set of quests requires the base game and, after the Seventh Astra Era Quests, an expansion (Heavensward, Stormblood, and/or Shadowbringers).

Always do class and job quests

Your starting Class will give you quests every 5 levels, which will give a lot of EXP. Once you have reached level 30, you are able to select a Job. You will only be able to level up one of these things at once (with the exception of SMN/SCH), but the quests will give a huge chunk of EXP.

Always do the daily roulette

The Daily Roulette will give you bonus EXP for a randomly selected quest. This is not a small amount, you can mostly level up completely, so this is worth pursuing especially if you are in between class and job quests, and are logging in everyday to gain some EXP.


You will come across Guildhests as you progress through the game, they are what other games call instanced dungeons. Certain ones will become accessible when you are 5 levels below recommended, but this means your EXP gains will be much higher. If you have friends who are running it, or you feel safe enough to attempt it at a lower level, it is worth it. You will have to join the ‘looking for group’ queue to enter a Guildhest, and if you are a tank or healer class this should go quite quickly. If not however, then whilst waiting you can do…

Hunting and Challenge log quests

You can regularly pick up or receive Hunting quests, or Challenges. These can be extremely simple quests, such as kill a handful of mobs or complete several Guildhests. Whilst waiting for a Guildhest these can be done in quite quick succession. The Challenge Log resets every week, so it’s worth finishing them off if you find yourself having to wait around.


FATES are world events that will spawn in the world at intervals. From massive boss fights to mindless kill/gather fests, there is a variety of goals for fates. You may not be able to fight them alone, so you will need to group up with other like-minded adventurers to take them down. You may get these as targets in your Hunting Log, but apart from that it won’t give as much EXP as a Guildhest or a story quest. There are groups of players who will be purposefully hunting down FATES, so again it could be a good way to farm some EXP when you’re waiting around for a Guildhest group.


Once you have finished the story quests, then your main source of EXP will be the Guildleves, the repeatable quests that you can do everyday, along with the Guildhests described below. These are not difficult quests that can be completed rather easily. You can set them to the highest difficulty, and do them a few levels below, and earn nearly double you would get off of a standard story quest. This is quite good! Some of them can be solved without combat as well which makes them especially easy and useful for all players.

Dzemael Darkhold Guildhest

Guildhests are the instanced areas that you can either take part in solo or in a group. At level 44 you can enter a Guildhest called Dzemael Darkhold Guildhest. A common tactic to gain EXP fast is to clear the first room, leave the area, come back and repeat. This may not be as fun but you will level up very quickly.

Crafting and Gathering

Like any good civilization, Final Fantasy XIV builds much of its economy around items found and created by its players. There are eight crafting classes and three gathering classes to train up, and there’s quite a bit of overlap when it comes to the items they produce. While it’s not at all necessary to go all-in with every class, you can very much be a jack of all trades in this game, and doing so will let you make resources you need for your other crafting classes without having to pay a premium on the Market Board.

Housing, Glamour and mounts

Dungeons, Roulette’s and Group content

Instanced group content comes in a variety of formats:

  • Duties (4 man content)

  • Trials (8 man content)

  • Raids (8 man content)

  • Allied Raids (24 man content)

In ARR you’ll experience Duties, Trials, and Raids in the MSQ. These can be accessed through the Duty Finder. Unlocked content is primarily accessed through the Duty Finder whether solo or in a group.

Duty Finder

The Duty finder offers a few options for group content. A roulette tab will open up that will allow you to queue up for a several different types of content that you can perform once a day for additional XP and various game currencies. You can run this content as many times as you want, but will only receive the reward once each day. This content will still aware normal XP results. The following are types of roulettes that are offered. Each is limited by content that you have unlocked, but will pick one randomly that you are unlocked to. Typically once you’ve unlocked 2 options in a category, that roulette will become available.

  • Leveling Roulette - This will be a random 4 person duty dungeon that you have unlocked and you meet the level requirements for the job queued as to perform. This can range from the beginner dungeons up to the current expansion.

  • 50/60/70 Dungeon - This is like the leveling roulette but focuses on post ARR dungeons.

  • Trials - This consists of unlocked trials which can be any of the unlocked leveling trials that are part of the MSQ.

  • MSQ Raids - This consists of 8 man duties from ARR which are fairly simple, but take longer than a typical duty.

  • Raids - Any 8 man raid that you have unlocked can be queued for here. This is the normal difficulty of the raid.

  • Alliance Raids - 24 man raids that can be queued for randomly. These are typically released each expansion as 3 different raids following a theme.

  • Level 80 Duties - Currently this is for max level characters who have unlocked a pre-requisite amount of content to queue for. It is presumed this will repeat in Endwalker for level 90.

  • Expert Duties - Once all current expansion duties, including blue quest duties, are unlocked and completed and msq has been completed this option will open to be run.

Additionally, there are pvp roulettes that can be ran daily as well.

Besides the Roulette tab, there are 2 tabs for Duties, Trials, and Raids. In the tab with a “1” this is for older content you can select to queue for a specific instance which will often be how you access your duties and trials while doing the MSQ. The tab with a “2” is for the current content to select for queueing. Lastly, there are tabs for the Golden Saucer, PVP (Frontline), and Guildhests with unlockable content here as well.


Split into eight- and 24-player varieties, raids are a series of boss encounters designed to test players looking for a true challenge. All wrapped around an episodic side-story format, eight-player raids consist of a regular mode for ease of access, and a “Savage” difficulty mode for the more sadistic audience. Twenty-four-player “Alliance” raids, on the other hand, are there for almost everyone to enjoy.


An in-between for most players, Trial battles usually pit eight-player parties against the game’s signature bosses — Primals. You’ll learn a lot about the entities throughout the story, and you’ll see them just as much. Similar to raids, these typically come in several difficulties so that everyone can enjoy the attached story without having to grind their way through or learn intricate mechanics. Trials can be extremely challenging at higher difficulty levels, but many of them also offer some of the game’s most coveted cosmetic items, such as mounts.

Raid Etiquette With Evolved

Hello all! Thank you for expressing an interest in raiding with Evolved, we’re happy to have you here. As an organization we look to create a fun, casual atmosphere so that we can all enjoy our games together. However, high end raiding is often a stressful activity, and so in order to keep the fun and casual atmosphere that we strive for here are some general etiquette rules that anyone who raids with Evolved should look to follow.

Raid Leaders
Similar to most raid groups, we have a Raid Leader or various people who will fill the shoes when the Raid Leader is not present. This person takes the time to research raids and come up with strategies to effectively complete the raids. In addition, the Raid Leader is in charge of ensuring that all raiders are up to date on gear, mechanics, openers, etc. Should you have any questions for the Raid Leader on any of the above you can feel free to contact them, but please ensure that you don’t do it in the minutes leading up to a raid since they will have a lot on their plate.

Speaking of, prior to and during the raids do not send personal messages to the raid leader with complaints, tactics, suggestions or ideas. In between pulls we will discuss ways to improve and not make prior mistakes. If you feel you have a viable strategy or know exactly what is going wrong you can feel free to speak up and we will do our best to accommodate what you’ve said and integrate it into our strategy. Otherwise, all other complaints or matters should be handled after the raid in either the post-raid brief or in the Raid Leaders personal messages. If you send a personal message to the Raid Leader during the raid, it will likely be ignored.

Respect the Raid Leader
A golden rule of Evolved and life in general is treat others the way you want to be treated. Even if you disagree with or dislike the current raid leader, please remember that we are a group. That being said, backtalking or being belligerent with the Raid Leader is disrespectful, demoralizing, and rude and not only affects the Leader, but the Raid as a whole. Doing any of the aforementioned most likely will get you removed from the current raid. The Raid Leader will not disrespect you nor backtalk you, so please reciprocate that respect!

Raid Leader Clause
The Raid Leader reserves the right to make decisions that may at times supersede and/or contradict the Raid Rules of the Chapter. These decisions must never be made lightly and always be done with the betterment of the guild as a whole in mind. The Raid Leader also has last word on all decisions concerning the Raid. All decisions made by the Raid Leader can and will be reviewed and/or over ruled by the Guild Leader or Executive Officer to ensure fairness to all members.

Sportsmanship Clause
Every accomplishment is an accomplishment for the guild. Every defeat is a defeat for the guild. We will NOT have infighting or bickering of any kind. If you are derogatory in any way to any person in the guild, on the other team, on your team, or not on a team at all there will be consequences. First offense is a warning. Second offense is a week long ban from raiding. Third offense is a month long ban from raiding. Fourth offense is a total ban from raiding. We don’t want to lose any of our raiders so be nice to people!

Below is the general etiquette of what you should follow as a raider

Be logged into Discord and in the Raiding voice chat as well as logged into Final Fantasy XIV and ready for an invite by the designated raid start time. We understand that real life will prevent this from happening sometimes, and if this is the case please let the Raid Leader know as soon as possible. Please be quiet and patient when joining the Raid Channel if you join while a raid is already in progress. We will get people into the raid as people show up.

Raid Absences Post
If you know that you will be unable to make one of the raids, please contact the Raid Leader at least 24 hours in advance. Again, we know that real life will get in the way every so often so please just let us know as soon as you can. We will remove raiders from the roster if they go 3 or more weeks of not raiding, so if this is the case you may express your interest in raiding again as soon as your schedule permits.

Voice Channel Manners
A unique aspect of FFXIV is that it is cross platform, allowing PS4 players to join in on raiding. With this in mind, please be mindful of background noise in your microphone. We ask that all raiders have headsets or a way to ensure that background noise does not feed into the mic. If excessive background noise is coming out of your mic or other raiders can hear themselves echoing in your mic, we will ask you to mute. If you do not mute, we will server mute you. In addition, please ensure that all conversation is related to raiding. While we will have breaks and can talk about anything on our minds, while we are in raid we expect all raiders to be paying attention. Please do not have idle chit chat during a raid, and never talk over call outs.

Before the Raid
Make sure all of your gear is repaired, you’re equipped with all the correct gear, and have your food/pots. If you do not have the means to make food/pots, we have a few omnicrafters that you can pay to get those. Make sure you have a clear mind and don’t bring any negative emotions from work, school or anywhere else into the lobby and be ready to raid!

Know your job/class role on a raid
Some of us are new to raiding, and some of us are trying out a new job for the tier. Make sure that you learn your jobs ins and outs and if you have any questions, feel free to ask the raid leader or others in your role on a day where there are no raids for help. Know the boss mechanics in both normal and extreme, particularly the ones that are required of your role (Tank, Healer or DPS). Do not wait until raid time to figure things out! We will be posting video and text guides for the various raids we will be doing so please ensure that you read and watch those to make sure you know your role.

Have a Backup Role Ready
While we do encourage every raid member to be on time and not miss raids, real life does always come first and sometimes that means missing a raid. In that case, we may have to call on someone to play a backup job to fill in the vacancy. Ensure that you are able to play your secondary job at any given moment and similar to above are familiar with mechanics and that job is at the appropriate item level.

After the raid
This is the time you can ask/post questions that you had in mind. There will be some closing words with the Raid Leader detailing how we did and what to work on. After that, take the time to discuss any tactics or issues related to your class/role if you wish. If you’re not comfortable talking in the Discord, you may message the Raid Leader. Most officers tend to hang around in the chat a little bit after the raid and will be more than happy to help you with issues or questions.

To conclude, let’s remember that this is a game. The content will be extremely tough and since FFXIV is a team oriented game, tensions may get high. Let’s all remember we’re all on the same team and we’re striving together towards the same goal. As much as we want to progress through the raid tears, our number one goal is to have fun with friends.

Player vs Player

Gold Guide

How To Make Gil Fast

After extensive research alongside some trial and error, I sorted through the best and worst ways to farm for Gil to make myself a rich man with dreams of one day owning a large beachfront property in Limsa so I won’t be a broke and homeless warrior of light anymore.

Saving the world is cool and everything, but it doesn’t pay the bills. To avoid the most time-consuming methods, you will want to get creative.

This list is the top 5 best and easiest ways to farm for Gil to make you rich. It’s time to make some money!

Dungeon Roulettes

This specific method is easy, albeit time-consuming as most things can be in FFXIV. However, running through dungeons rewards you a pretty decent amount of Gil among other items and exp. It isn’t the most effective but is a valid option for those wishing to be more adventurous in their quest for money.

How it works:

  • In Roulettes fighting monsters, bosses, alongside completing the dungeons will net you a lot of Gil as an award.
  • You have to click on the roulette option in the duty finder.
  • Even after you match with a party, you have to play through the dungeon to completion, making it a tad time-consuming.
  • If you do this a couple of times through the week, it will reward you with tons of Gil!

The Market board

Craft and sell equipment on the player market so players can pay you for your wares. Or dump all the unnecessary items you are hoarding onto the market to make a quick buck.

How it works:

  • Craft high-quality gear than go to the market and sell it on the market.
  • Undercut your competition by making your prices better. And more reasonable.
  • If you have a high-level crafting class, this is probably going to be the fastest and easiest way to make you filthy rich within a week.
  • Market crafting materials on the board slightly higher than shop price players will more than likely buy what you have to offer because they don’t want to go out of there way to purchase it.

Use your retainer while taking advantage of the market

It takes about five to ten minutes of effort to pull this off. All you need to do is unlock your two retainers and send them out on ventures. While undertaking a few different gathering quests, post your materials on the market, and sit back and relax.

How it works:

  • First, send out your retainers on ventures to gather money than utilize grand company gathering quests to gather materials
  • After you do both these things head to the market or your house if you have one.
  • By the end of the week, you can take home close to if not more than 100,000 Gil.
  • It’s fast, and it’s easy. This is the easiest method out there because of its low effort and simple cheesing of game mechanics.

Be a Hunter and Gatherer

If you have a gatherer class on the character you are playing this method is probably the best and most efficient for you. You hunt down and gather high-quality materials and ingredients to sell to the highest bidder. If you haven’t guessed it, yet this is also an excellent way to exploit the market.

How it works:

  • People are lazy, use this one factor to take advantage of the market by selling materials needed by players that don’t want to be bothered to get it themselves.
  • Utilize grand company quests and leves to gather high-quality materials.
  • If you sink in the time than you reap the rewards.
  • Aim for high quality. High-quality items are worth more money than lower quality ones, and people are willing to spend more Gil on high-quality materials.

Miners are worth a lot of money

This method is a little more specific than the others on this list however, if you have leveled up the miner class. This method should take you only about an hour, making it a fast and efficient method for getting rich quick. The guide may be a tad dated, but the core concepts and execution are still applicable in the current version of the game.

How it works:

  • Identify the need for specific items on the market and how you should price them.
  • Just spend an hour a day farming with your miner in some regions of the world for sought after materials and items on the market.
  • Once you have pounded your miners’ rod enough times to collect precious minerals it’s time to sell them on the market.


Maps are a great way to earn gold. They can be found through crafting, gathering, events, Wonderous Tales, and other methods. Depending on the manner and level of content the map was collected, you may have one for solo or group content. These involve fighting off waves of mobs to clear the chest. Upon completing this Gil and possibly loot will drop. Additionally, a portal may appear which will take the group inside a random mini-dungeon where opportunities to earn more gil exist.

Maps will need to be deciphered to locate the treasure. The following site can help identify the location on your maps.


Mini-games and pastimes

The Gold Saucer

The sheer definition of extra in Final Fantasy XIV has to be the Gold Saucer. This throwback to Final Fantasy VII is a fairground designed as a reprieve from battle content. Home to around a dozen different mini-games, you could use your entire month’s subscription raising and racing your chocobo alone.

Instead of Gil, players use MGP to “gamble” for more MGP which can be used to buy various prizes. The following chart summarizes various activities that can be done at the Gold Saucer. It is nearly, if not completely, impossible to lose MGP in the gold saucer, hence the quotes around “gamble”. Any minigame you find is free to join, the lottery system called “Cactpot” has a small entry fee, but the smallest return is higher than the entry fee, even if it’s just a participation reward.

Other / Random Information

So you have hit max level. Now what? There are a lot of options, you can participate in the many activities listed above, continue completing the MSQ, begin end game unlocks, etc…

**MSQ - ** Currently all stages of the MSQ leading up to Endwalker have been revealed and can be completed. Following this path will unlock additional duties and trials that can help in gearing up and it’s recommended to continue the MSQ to help unlock all the content available. There may be points where you need more powerful gear than you have organically gained which can be picked up from the marketboard or running current content.

**Raids - ** Early on you’ll begin to be able to access the raids. These will often have a bit of story setting up the premise of the raid and will result with the normal difficulty raid being unlocked. Raids typically come in chunks of 4 bosses a tier. Completion of a raid tier will allow unlocking the Savage difficulty as well. Alliance raids are about 6 bosses each tier as well. Additionally Extreme versions of trials will become available at max level as well. A list of raids/trials and how to unlock them is below.

Raid Details - https://ffxiv.consolegameswiki.com/wiki/Raids

Trial Details - https://ffxiv.consolegameswiki.com/wiki/Trials

Another activity that unlocks at max level in the recent expansions are relic weapons. These are time consuming activities that can result in powerful weapons for your jobs with unique looks. For Shadowbringers you’ll need to have unlocked and completed the alliance raids from the StormBlood expansion. Details of the steps can be found here:

Other 80 activities can include Hunts, Maps, Crafting, or any of the above and hanging out.

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