For the Horde!

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World of Warcraft Horde (Area 52) is starting to grow. We are going to be starting this guild within the Evolved Gaming community as a leveling guild. Once we start gathering more members and start getting some active members we will look into making it a full fledged guild in Evolved. We ask that you…

I have a hunter/warlock on area 52 Horde I would like to get guilded. I have been a part of evolved for awhile but in ESO. Now that I have started playing wow again i would like to continue this. My toons names are darqonis and Odaecia please send me a pm in game.

Hey @Wrecktifier! We’re happy to have you. Just /who Evolved Gaming next time you’re in game and ask anyone to direct you to an officer. I’ll be in game tonight on Severinne.

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I’ll have to check and see if I have any toons over on Area 52, but if not I may roll one!