Fresh blood, rerolled on Proudmoore

Hey folks,

Found the Evolved crew after much official forum searching. :slight_smile: Saw your recruitment thread, checked out the guild charter/overview, and decided to re-roll on Proudmoore to join y’all.

Been Horde-side for most of my time in WoW, looking forward to playing on the blue team for a change.

I started playing not long after Vanilla launched all those years ago. Did some endgame raiding while in college (the glory days of Wrath) but otherwise I just squeeze in playtime where I can. Family and work keep me busy otherwise.

I’m aggressively casual, hopping on at odd hours, usually during the day. Hope I won’t be the only one.

Happy New Year!


Hello and Welcome to Evolved! I am really glad you decided to give us a chance! If you haven’t already got an invite, just hop in Discord and ask if a WoW-A officer is around for an invite. You can also of course do /who Evolved and whisper anyone to see if an officer can invite you.

We have a group of us that tends to play some during the day, so you will definitely not be alone! I tend to get pulled into M+ fun with guildies when I get online in the day. :smiley:

Look forward to seeing you in game!

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