Friday -- Casual Mythic Focused Raid Schedule and Rules

Raid Schedule & Rules

What this team is!

Our focus going forward will ultimately be to progress current raid content, obtaining AOTC every tier, and to progress mythic without the stress that comes with high end progression raiding. If we don’t see mythic for a tier we are fine with that. We will farm Heroic if we need more gear to progress in Mythic, that’s just the nature of the beast.

We all are great friends within the guild, and as so, we will help out our AOTC Focused raid on Wed and Thursday evenings to progress through and achieve their goals so that we can maintain the ability to include all of our membership.

Being progression oriented, we will from time to time ask individuals to sit on first kills if that individual is struggling with mechanics, this is not a punishment and certainly not meant to be an embarrassment, but the officers recognize that this individual needs some additional help that we are happy to provide, but the team as a whole needs to move forward. By moving forward in this manner, the team is able to gear faster, and as such will be able to help others along.

After Heroic Wed/Thurs progression, the Casual Mythic raiders may sign-up for the Heroic Wed/Thur Heroic raids on alts, and in accordance with the Heroic AOTC rules, but MAY be asked to get on their “Stronger Characters” to help the guild through any tough kills.

Being a Raider on the Casual Mythic raid Roster is a privilege, and there are requirements to staying on the team.

Before attending raids please familiarize yourself with the rules below.

  • Progression raid is Friday from 8:30 - 10:30 pm server time (Eastern). PLUS an Optional 30 min if everyone in raid agrees, 11pm Hard cut-off.

  • If we do not have enough for a 20 person raid team, we could pug up to 3-4 people, or call it early at 9pm.

Wed/Thur is the AOTC Focused Raid days and are MANDATORY for raiders in the Casual Mythic Focused Raid.

If an abscence has been posted in the #wow-h-absences-and-sign-ups channel officers reserve the right to allow Casual Mythic raiders to come on Fridays, but this shouldn’t be a common occurance. We don’t want folks skipping Wed/Thur every week and just coming to the Friday raid when they could have been helping out the guild.

We start forming around 8:10 and aim to pull first boss at 8:30 so don’t be late. Take care of Auction House orders, talent changes etc. ahead of time.

Raid Rules and Etiquette

The goals of Evolved’s raids are to kill bosses and to have fun doing so. Both pieces are important to us, and the rules below are designed to strike a balance between progression and a fun raiding environment.

The Casual Mythic Focused Raid is to reward the people really LOVE working on their characters, and
want to progress through HARDER content, while still helping out the community as a whole.

Mythic content takes 20 people.
If you are going to miss raid for ANY reason, use the attendance channel!
We require a 24 hour notice (except for emergencies)
We do not need explanations.
We just need to know who we might need to replace for a night.
Not using the #wow-h-absences-and-sign-ups channel to give us a heads up repeatedly will get you demoted from your team!
See more information about this in the Absences section below.

How to sign-up & Progression

Post in the discord channel #wow-h-absences-and-sign-ups channel

The Casual Mythic Focused Raid team is “Soft-capped” at 20 players, with a fluid reserve-list to rotate people in, so if you meet the requirements, and would like to progress , please sign up!

If there is an OVER abundance of sign-ups remember, there’s no strict attendance policy, and if people don’t need gear from earlier bosses they can sit themselves (or asked to get sat) to free up space for reserve-lists so they can progress as well.

If we DON’T have enough raiders to fill out the 20 man roster, we could run 1-2 causal members through AOTC, or sell normal kills/heroic kills and split gold evenly amongst the raiders.

If we kill 4/10 Mythic bosses for example, and the raid decides to, we will EXTEND the raid, and start on the 5th boss of the raid the following week for progression! This conversation will be had once we have the first x/10 bosses on “Farm”

Officers RESERVE the right to rebalance the raid, swap out folks from the reserve-list , and ask folks to sit for certain fights whenever is deemed necessary.

Officers will be approving folks by looking at various things, including but not limited to, Warcraft Log Parses, Player Attendance, Player wiliness to help others, Item level, In-game character improvement such as timing a SINGLE 15+ key each week for highest ilvl rewards, constantly improving on their play/character.

If you do sign-up and don’t get placed on the Casual Mythic Raid roster there is to be NO DRAMA, certain requirements must be met, and approved by officers.

Character Raiding Requirements

Current Expectations for this team –
- ilvl 240 minimum, ilvl 262 legendary for main spec
- Renown no more than 2 week behind current
- Mythic + completion of ONE 15 key, to have at least one 252 choice in your vault.
- Full consumables, INCLUDING Battle Potions.

Your toon must meet all these requirements before joining the raid.

  1. Character’s average item level is the minimum for the run. For Sanctum of Domination, this is 240 for Mythic, and a ilvl 262 Legendary for main spec. (flex is allowed, but at the discretion of officers)
    a. In order to join the casual mythic progression runs, Raiders are required to have a ilvl 262 legendary. The output is too good to ignore!
    b. If you are missing any enchants/gems/consumables at 8:25, you will be removed until you have completed necessary requirements.
  2. Familiarity with the boss mechanics. FatbossTV, Hazelnuttygames, or whichever other raid guide videos work for you are all fine, just be familiar with the mechanics before you come.
  3. Familiarity with your spec rotation. Raid is not the time to be trying out a spec for the very first time.
  4. Weapon, rings, cloak, chest, and boots/bracers/gloves (whichever has your stat enchant) must be enchanted. Any sockets on gear must be filled with a gem. This needs to be taken care of prior to joining the raid group.
  5. Have personal potions, food, flasks and oils/stones in inventory. The guild will provide the feasts, but always bring ONE Flask of Power at the beginning of each raid night to drop into the G-Bank so we can provide cauldons as well.
    a. During Mythic progression, we require battle potions.
  6. The following add-ons are required:
    a. DeadlyBossMods or BigWigs. Either will do, just make sure you keep it updated as patches can break it.
    b. Exorsus Raid Tools . Raid leader will use the notes tool to communicate interrupts/healing cooldowns/other assignments. Type “/ert note” to toggle the note display.
    c. WeakAuras . We may have everyone install a specific WA to help with a boss mechanic, so you should have it installed and know how to import a WA.
    d. Optional but extremely helpful: GTFO . It beeps at you when you’re standing in bad.

Consumables/enchants/etc should all be from the current tier.

Rules During Raid

  1. You must be in discord voice chat during raid. You don’t have to speak if you don’t want to, but must be able to hear raid leader commands.
    a. Ready check means clear comms immediately.
    b. Rarely a boss mechanic requires voice chat to perform well. Mic and speaking might be required on such bosses.
  2. Don’t be rude or disrespectful to other raiders, including the raid leader, either about their performance or off topic stuff. Our raiding environment is friendly and positive, our main goal is to have fun.
  3. Follow the strategy and commands given by the raid leader. If you’re asked to do a mechanic in some way that might lower your DPS, do it.
  4. We have strat discussions as a team between pulls, but the RL has to keep pulls going. Don’t be offended if your suggestion is tabled or ignored during raid. If it’s important, bring it up with the Raid Leader, Raid Assistant, or other officer outside of raid time. Don’t monopolize the conversation.
  5. Keep comms clear of chat unless asked to do a mechanic during a pull, especially if specifically asked by the raid leader.
  6. Be present. We’ll always have a 5 minute break around halfway through raid for you to bio, hearth to change talents, whatever. Outside of that we expect everyone to be actively playing and in the raid instance.
    a. Life happens obviously. You aren’t going to be perma-benched because your kids decided to put gum in the cat’s whiskers right before a pull. But we might remove you from the group in order to keep pulling, and if it’s a persistent problem across nights you may have to stop raiding. Remember there are 20 whole people twiddling their thumbs while you AFK.

Removal from the Casual Mythic Roster

Raid Leaders who are removing people from the Casual Mythic roster to make space for people on the reserve-list will have a private conversation with you before they do it, and it will only be done if a person did not take the time to improve their play, or isn’t capable to.

Raiders removed from a Casual Mythic roster, will be added back to the waitlist, and will have “private notes” only seen by officers to keep track of their progress.

The person removed will be able to re-apply to the Casual Mythic Roster after 2 weeks, and are highly recommended to come to open raids.

If you feel like you are removed from raid often try not to get upset; and blame others, always make sure that you are prepared before you take on the challenge, and follow the correct avenues to improve your play.

AGAIN, Outside of raid, officers are happy to direct you towards ways to improve to avoid this happening repeatedly. I.E. Class Discords /Icy Vein or WoW Head guides / Folks in guild that play the same class well.


We don’t have specific attendance requirements for our heroic raids, but to raid on the Casual Mythic raid team we REQUIRE that there be communication if you are going to be missing an evening.

USE THIS – #wow-h-absences-and-sign-ups channel

Healers or tanks with spotty attendance may lose their spot in those roles but are welcome to join as DPS when they can. If you are a regular attendee and won’t be able to make it, post in the #wow-h-raid-sign-up-and-absence channel in discord to help the RL/RA plan.

If you are going to miss raid for ANY reason, use the attendance channel!
We require a 24 hour notice (except for emergencies)
We do not need explanations.
We just need to know who we might need to replace for a night or so.
Not using the #wow-h-absences-and-sign-ups channel to give us a heads up repeatedly will get you demoted from your team!

Alts and Swaps

  • During Heroic progression we expect each player to have a designated main toon that they bring to the heroic/mythic raid. This helps us gear quicker and plan for some mechanics based on spec and abilities.

  • After Heroic progression, the Casual Mythic raiders may sign-up for the Heroic Wed/Thur Heroic raids on a AOTC ALT, and in accordance with the Heroic AOTC rules, but MAY be asked to get on their “Stronger Characters” to help the guild through any tough kills.

  • If you are hating the class you chose, you are allowed one main swap on a 4 week cooldown (or at officers discretion) to play another character, but you are subject to the removal rules above, and as long as it doesn’t hurt the raid composition, and you perform.

Main swaps must be posted in the #wow-h-raid-sign-up-and-absence channel in discord.

If the Raid Leader requires you to play your best geared character for the sake of progressing through the raid , you must swap if asked, if you are REMOVED from raid, and want a invite on your old main after a recent swap, you must ask if the Raid Leader wants you on your better geared character, or if they need you to stay out of the raid for that encounter because of the raid composition.

So EACH raider on the Mythic Raid Roster may have- ONE AOTC ALT, and ONE MYTHIC MAIN (if you wish to maintain two characters)

Casual Mythic “Main-Alts” will be deemed Mains on Wed/Thur, and alts on Fridays.


  • Your personal loot is yours if you need it.
  • If you don’t need the item you looted, send a whisper to the Raid Asist of your group with the following content “trade [Link the item]” ex: trade [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windeeker]
    • If you’re only rolling for transmog please say so, those who need for stats get priority.
    • If you’re on an alt and a main needs it, the main gets priority.
    • If you need it for an off spec and someone needs it for their main spec, the main spec gets priority.
  • You are welcome to keep your BoEs to sell for gold, even if they’d be upgrades for people in raid.

If you have questions about any of the above, feel free to ask the Raid Leader, Raid Assist, or other officer.

These rules are subject to change at the discretion of guild leadership. Spot judgment calls may be made if and when necessary.

Above all, remember

This is a game. The content may be tough. The tensions may get high.

The key is to remember we are all on the same team.

We will continue to update this post as information changes.

Also, please feel free to provide us with any feedback you may have!