Game Server Ideas?

Hey everyone!

So I have an old server laying around and I was thinking about what I should do with it instead of just tossing it or giving it a friend.

I was thinking about hosting a game server or two for everyone, I know there is or was a modded Minecraft server someone was hosting, but how about a just normal server for those who don’t want modded?

Or maybe a Rust or Conan server??

The really only prereq I would have it has to be able to be whitelisted for Evolved members only.

So if you have any ideas please let me know and if there is enough interest I will set it up and get it going.

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We used to have a few people that play Minecraft and Conan… But i think it has more or less died off. A good thing also is throw up this link into the gaming chat and see if you get any bites :slight_smile: