General Guild Bank Information

Guild Bank General Information:

The guild bank and it’s materials are used to maintain the guild’s Raid/M+ consumable needs, repairs, and assist with acquiring enchants and other augments when needed.

Members can request materials/enchants (with the exception of Herbs, Food materials and Flasks, which will be needed for Feasts and maintaining Cauldron stocks ) from the guild bank, which will be provided at a 70% discount from the market value. These requests should not be used for personal profit. These requests may be denied if it will bring stress to the guild bank’s stock ( early expansion, etc ). The gold from these requests goes back into the guild bank for repairs and filling in for materials we don’t have ( for feasts and other raid materials ).

Requests can be sent by discord PMs or in-game mail, and will be fulfilled by CODed in game mail.

How to Help:

At the beginning of every raid night, it is required that raid members donate a flask to the guild bank to help with the cost of cauldrons. This is because the rate at which Flasks convert to cauldrons allows us to provide 30 cauldron based flasks per 8 raid members.

On an average raid night of 24 members, if every player donates a single flask, 3 cauldrons containing 30 flasks each can be provided, for a total of 90 hours worth of flask for a raid that requires 72. This is the most efficient way for the guild bank to consistently provide cauldrons, at the lowest cost to the raiders ( 1 flask in, 3 flasks out ).

Although the guild banks’ needs fluctuate, the most consumed/least replenishable material will always be food materials. Any spare meats/fish/etc that one finds while playing helps towards feasts. Herbs are also highly sought after to help with cauldron production.

*As a reminder, please limit what is placed in the guild bank to current expansion materials, preferably placed in its proper tab.