Getting Going Again

(I moved this from the Hello and Welcome thread, where I don’t think it belonged) Hey all! I received a guild invite this morning, so thank you for that. Im a little shy about jumping into groups at first, especially with my current desolate lack of skills. I spent last night nerding-out on current priest spec recs. Here’s some history. I stopped playing when lvl 70 was max. It was right when WoW started integrating accounts with Battlenet. I let a friend play on my account after that, and he upgraded the account and leveled the priest to 71. That’s my highest level character right now. I’m not sure how valuable that will be to the guild, because i see mostly 120’s online. I need some levels! Back then, Holy was really the only spec for running in a guild and raid groups. I always preferred shadow though. I suspect that holy is still the thing, but I’m up for advice on re-speccing to benefit the guild. I used to have real skill at keeping groups on their feet, but it’s gonna take some work to get back there. My skills are rusty and i think my gear probably really sucks. I’ll fix it. Looking forward to playing with you all, perhpas some have alts they are willing to let die a coupe times while i get my skills back LOL!

  1. Leveling is much easier now than when you would have last played. You’ll be 120 in no time.
  2. Almost all specs are now viable in raid, especially on Priest. We run a few spriest mains.
  3. Welcome!
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