Google calendar for events?

I’ve been struggling to keep up with the guild events & various notifications in discord and was wondering if anyone else was running into this same problem. If so, what do you think about having a dedicated google calendar for guild events? That way, we could add it to our personal and/or work calendars which would give us easy access to event schedules regardless of where we are or what device we are on. What do you think?

What events are you referring to? Community events like game nights? Or guild events for in the different games?

Officers of the different guilds post events using the @ mention and pins in the channels.

@ mentions show up as a red color indicator to go to that channel. If you think you missed something in the upper right hand side there is a in box that holds all the @ mentions you have missed or might have missed.

Pins are for every channel they are also in the upper right hand side and look like a pin. They will have a red indicator on it. But should just get in the habit of checking it regardless. Officers do clean these up to keep all the info up to date

Announcement channels some guilds put event information there as well with links to the forums for more information.

In game message of the day sometimes has info

In game calendar will have information

I dont think any guild or us as community leaders have used the google calendar before.

Community events and guild events :slight_smile: But, if I’m the only one then I don’t want to ask people to start a new work flow. I just get overwhelmed by all the notifications (I belong to several other discord channels as well) that it’s easy for event stuff to get lost in the mix of everything else, especially if I am not able to check it every day. I just tried checking the pins in wow-h-events, but they date back to October, however scrolling back through the actual channel history, I see newer chats (highlighted in yellow so it should appear as pinned) that are event related. Am I discording wrong?Inkedscreenshot.2020-11-13_LI

You are not the only one! I would love updates on the in game calendar or on my Google calendar. I am also willing to help maintain one, especially in game, where I’m more familiar with setting them. I’ve only done personal appointments in my own Google calendar.

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