I am not new to ESO, but am also not a “veteran player” of sorts quite yet. My main MMO has been WoW for the last 12 years (and it continues to be so), but I’m starting to get back into ESO and all its beauty.

Sadly, the group finder tool here isn’t near as advanced as the WoW tool is, so it’s not easy to find people to do group content with (eg: world bosses, public dungeons, etc), and I’m hoping this will afford me the opportunity to get stuff done. Soloing anchors can be done, but it’s not as fun as doing it with a group

I should also add that it’s been a number of years since I’ve had to app to a guild, so if I’m missing something, or you guys are curious about something, feel free to ask! Until then, my ingame name is @dj4aces (big surprise, right? haha), and I can’t wait to join you guys in battle!

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Welcome! See you in game.