Hi all,

Just dropping a line to say hello, introduce myself, and say I look forward to seeing you all on ESO. My account name is @SoCalSpartan, I don’t know how helpful I can be, but I’d love to try. I’m returning to ESO from a very long multi year break (pre-morrowind), and started a DragonKnight. I also have a cp160ish magplar that is quickly turning into my crafter.

I’m older, have a kid and all those responsibilities, but I’d love to work into a more scheduled “game time” as well. West Coast NA, typically play after 9pm as the kid goes to sleep, and any time on weekends I can be free.

See you guys online!


Welcome to Evolved! You should have an invite waiting for you next time you log in. I think you’ll find we have lots of parents here. Oh look and there you are in game… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello and welcome to Evolved! Have fun in ESO!

Welcome to Evolved! I hope you have fun and enjoy your adventures with Evolved in ESO! :slight_smile:

welcome! Glad to have you!